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The Justice Department has sued Texas over its new law outlawing illegal immigration, alleging that it is, in fact, against the law to pass a law requiring enforcement of the law.

The move is only the latest in a back-and-forth line of legal wrangling between the Biden administration and the Lonestar State to address the hundreds of thousands of illegal migrants flooding across the southern U.S. border, with the White House staunchly standing by its argument that enforcing laws is a violation of the law.

"Texas has no business protecting its citizens," said Attorney General Merrick Garland. "The sheer audacity of a state to think it has the authority to look out for the best interests of its people is astounding. We are prepared to bring the full weight of the United States government to bear to stop this brazenly illegal act of enforcing the law. Law and order? Not on our watch, Texas!"

Texas drew the ire of the DOJ after taking a hardline — and according to the federal government, extreme — stance when it comes to pressing charges against people who break laws. "This doesn't seem like it should be rocket science, but we'll keep fighting," said Texas Governor Greg Abbott. "I never thought it would be so controversial to refer to people who commit crimes as criminals."

At publishing time, the Department of Justice was reportedly considering filing charges of domestic terrorism against Texas for refusing to let more foreign terrorists into the country.