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Fri, 23 Mar 2018
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Guinness record: Russian orchestra plays all 9 Beethoven symphonies in one concert

Sergey Stadler
© Ruslan Shamukov/TASS
A concert where the St. Petersburg Symphony Orchestra under the baton of Sergey Stadler performed all the nine symphonies by Beethoven in one day has entered the Guinness World Records. The city's concert association, Peterburg-Kontsert, which the St Petersburg Symphony Orchestra reports to, received a written notification from Guinness World Records Russia.

"Following a recommendation from the Guinness World Records Russia expert department, a decision was made to recognize the application as an official record scored in Russia," the letter said. "The editorial board congratulates you on the recognition of your achievement that profiles the Russians as a creative nation and, on top of that, shows the creative mentality and an offbeat approach to the presentation of classics."

The music marathon that carried on for 8 hours and 3 minutes has gone down in history as "the longest philharmonic concert with a program consisting of the works of just one composer in the rendition of a single orchestra under the baton of one conductor."

The event took place on November 26, 2017, at the stage of the St. Petersburg State Academic Capella. Guinness emphasized in the letter that the participants of the record marathon have the opportunity to send applications to the CIS Records Book, the Book of Records of Europe and the Guinness Book of Records.

Comment: "Symphonies are the best representation of my true self. I always seem to hear within me the sounds of a great orchestra." --Beethoven

Take a break today and appreciate the master in all his glory:


Priceless! Tucker Carlson lists 100 ridiculous things libtards deem racist

Tucker Carlson
Fox News' Tucker Carlson tweeted out a hilarious list of 100 things people have deemed "racist" this year.

The Fox News host and Daily Caller founder told his followers that "we live in revolutionary times" and that some "wild things" happened in the past year.
We live in revolutionary times. Wild things happened in 2017, and they'll keep happening next year. In these dangerous political times, it's important you know what is and is not racist. So, we made a list for you. Let us begin. #100RacistThings

- Tucker Carlson (@TuckerCarlson) December 22, 2017


Why not? Body building Russian priest is training both mind and body

russian priest body builder
© svetlana_rashevskaja / Instagram
A head priest at a church in Russia's Belgorod Region has been making headlines, losing his long priestly robes to flaunt his well toned muscles after service.

Priest Maksim Pastukhov has been serving at a local church in the Ivanovka village in south-western Russia for several years. Admired by elder church-goers as a kind and wise spiritual guide, the man also courts fans among other audiences.

Photographs of Father Maksim recently appeared in Russian media, and nothing but briefs covered the priest's not-so-chaste body. Showcasing his muscles, he took part at a regional bodybuilding championship, gaining third prize. The all-action priest also has a black belt in martial arts.

Comment: Why stick to one when you can do both? When it comes to Russian priests, they're not ones to be messed with!


Bitcoin: Is it nothing but monkey business?

© Unknown
A long long time ago, there was this bustling village, on a beautiful Caribbean island, called Dopeyville.

Sure it was far away from the mainlands, away from most of the action, but it still had decent burger joints, coffee cafes not owned by global chains, and you could get tasty homebrew beers in its rough-and-tumble bars. In short, life in Dopeyville was simple, yet great.

What's more, it's got one big claim to fame: The place was well-known for its boatloads of monkeys. Enough monkeys to make them a commodity as common as wheat.

One day, a merchant came to the village. He found an abandoned building - it would take capital to fix, but the walls were firm and the roof only needed a patch. Gutted and redone it, he made it his place.


Beluga Whales Respond To Man's Beluga Song

beluga whale
Arctic Beluga whales are called sea canaries due to their ability to 'sing', which includes clicks, whistles, clangs and high-pitched squeaks, as is shown in the following video.

One man started singing to Beluga whales while kayaking with others, and the whales curiously approached him. He then decided to go underwater and continued to sing to them. The whales responded by 'singing back':

Black Cat 2

The chief construction supervisor of bridge connecting Russia to Crimea is a cat

Mostik the cat
© cat the most / instagram
Mostik, the honorary 'chief supervisor' of the construction of the Kerch Strait Bridge from mainland Russia to Crimea, plans to be among the first to cross the bridge to the peninsula to take in the local sights, according to the Crimean Bridge Information Center.

Bridge engineers are on schedule to connect Crimea to the Russian mainland by the end of the month, making it possible for workers to walk across the 19 km-long bridge on foot.

Mostik, the unofficial cat mascot of the ambitious bridge project, plans to be among the first to do so. Mostik's name is a play on 'most', the Russian word for bridge.

"I'm building the Kerch Strait Bridge to be the first to make a selfie on it and to visit all the sights of Crimea," Mostik tells his social media followers.

Comment: Cats are awesome.


Granny accidentally decorates family Christmas tree with...panties?

christmas tree balls
© CC0
Much to the Internet's users' amusement, the elderly lady didn't know what was inside those pretty purple baubles she bought in a local shop.

With Christmas just around the corner, everyone is excitedly getting ready for the celebration and doing their best to make it unforgettable. For Alex Bermingham's family, this year's holiday will surely be remembered for years due to her 74-year-old granny's brilliant mishap.

The elderly woman bought several Christmas baubles and put them on her tree; however, on closer inspection it turned out that the decoration was not what it seemed - there were sparkly g-strings inside those balls.


Killary Clinton gets a message from her future self

time portal hillary
Bursting through the glowing space-time portal backstage just before the first debate of the 2016 presidential election, a frantic time-traveling Hillary Clinton reportedly warned her past self to do everything in the exact same way. "Listen very carefully because we don't have much time: Make sure you do everything that you're already intending to do," said the future Clinton, passionately urging her year-younger self to execute her current campaign strategy precisely as planned.


Remember that time PETA tried to guilt people on Twitter for eating bacon, but it backfired?

© thismanskitchen.wordpress.com
PETA's concern for the well-being of animals extends to how animals are treated by the food industry, and also just the general idea of eating animals. So when the animal rights group asked for feedback on the "best" reason for eating bacon, people could smell a trap easily enough.
PETA bacon tweet
The glowing reviews for bacon started rolling in.

Comment: Try as they might, the Vegan fascists will never be able to pry the bacon from the hands of the general public. It's just too good! And it's good for you! And apparently it also makes a handy weapon, in a pinch: 86-year-old woman beats off robber with a package of bacon


Former prime minister's office inundated with small bottles of poison

Tony Blair
© Waterford Whispers News
THE office of former British prime minister Tony Blair has urged people to stop posting in small bottles of poison, as there is no more room left after several tonnes of various types of deadly liquids have been delivered in the post over the past two days.

Over 40,000 parcels were handled by staff at the 64-year-old's business address in London, the senders spurred on by news on Wednesday that Bosnian-Croat warlord, Slobodan Praljak, downed an unknown substance moments after his 20-year sentence for war crimes was upheld. Praljak died shortly afterwards.

"Seriously, if Tony was to kill himself, it would be fast and painless," a spokesperson rightfully pointed out, "and anyway, if he was ever convicted of war crimes, he wouldn't get anywhere near a 20-year sentence - Tony is way too wealthy and British for that kind of thing to happen to him in this day and age".