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In an unexpected shift from the unified Western narrative that Russia is losing badly and will soon be driven out, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson this week became the first Western leader to concede Vladimir Putin could 'win the war' in Ukraine, and that it could last until the end of next year.

This revelation is shocking to those who believe the Western media's war propaganda, but unsurprising to skeptics. This week on NewsReal, Joe and Niall contrast shifting British and Western expectations with the unchanged Russian ones, noting the recent capture of Mariupol and the Russian military's 'land bridge' to Crimea.

Meanwhile, in a development that was blacked out by Western media, Russian envoys reported to the UN last week details about a global complex of American bio-labs that ring Russia and China for the purpose of unleashing ethnic-specific weapons - something that perhaps explains China's extreme lockdowns in Shanghai and Hong Kong.

'Back home', EUrocrats continue threatening to place embargoes on Russian oil and gas by year's end, a development that will effectively de-industrialize Europe and impoverish tens of millions of people, while in the US major food distribution facilities are mysteriously burning to the ground.

Is this all to 'get Putin'? To 'save the planet'? Is this the result of feckless ideology run amuck, or is there an element of wilfull destruction behind it all?

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