bucha false flag 1
As the scandal surrounding the Bucha massacre grows, new elements prove that this episode is indeed worthy of the mass graves of Timisoara, between the disinformation of the New York Time which releases satellite images that do not hold water, the Ukraine which releases the video of a drone taken on another day, and the truth which appears in the video filmed by the Ukrainian troops in charge of "cleaning the city".

Following my article of yesterday highlighting several inconsistencies in the official narrative of the Bucha massacre, new information has come to reinforce my analysis.

First, posts from a Telegram channel dedicated to life in Bucha show photos from 31 March 2022, where there are no bodies in the streets. And no mention of them either.

Another piece of information obtained thanks to this Telegram channel is that the Ukrainian army landed in Bucha on 1 April 2022, and not on 2 April as the Botsman (Ukrainian commander) video suggested. This means that Ukrainian troops could well be responsible for the deaths visible in the April 1 video (see yesterday's article).

Let's go back to this video of Botsman, who had already revealed that Ukrainian soldiers were allowed to shoot men not wearing blue armbands (the mark of Ukrainian soldiers).

The Russian blogger Rybar discovered that by turning up the sound in the last few seconds of this video (posted by Botsman himself, I remind you), you can hear a man say "please don't kill me", and then a thud, similar to a gunshot (the go-pro filming the video doesn't have a high quality microphone, and by turning down the sound when editing the video before publishing it became almost inaudible). So I turned up the sound in the last few seconds of this video to check, and indeed that's what you hear (see video below).

Satellite photos allow this video to be located as having been filmed in Vokzalnaya Street where a column of Russian equipment was destroyed on 27 February 2022 (equipment seen in the video).

The mistreatment of those suspected of collaborating with Russian forces can be seen in this video filmed by the Ukrainians themselves. The arrested men are severely beaten by Ukrainian soldiers, including in the head.

As a result, the hypothesis of a massacre of civilians in Bucha who had received aid from Russian forces by Ukrainian armed forces is reinforced. Indeed, several of the bodies visible in the photos are located near Russian military rations, which the civilians must have obtained as humanitarian aid from Russia.

However, Ukrainian MP Alexei Zhuravko has published a video of an interview with a woman who left Bucha on 25 March. This woman tells how her house was bombed an hour after she accepted humanitarian aid from the Russian army. Clearly, whistleblowers (probably neighbors, since as the interview with Meduza proves, members of the territorial defense battalions were in Bucha) reported that she had accepted Russian aid, and the Ukrainian army shelled her house.

Having established this, let us now turn to the latest evidence that Russian soldiers killed these civilians long before they left. First, we had the New York Times pulling out of the hat Maxar satellite images allegedly from 19 March 2022 showing dark spots that are believed to be bodies.

bucha false flag 2
bucha false flag 3
The problem is that it's not clear why the photos from 28 February are of good quality, but those from 19 and 21 March are pixelated to death. With such a degree of quality, to claim that these dark spots are necessarily bodies is like reading tea leaves. Basically, everyone can see what they want.

But the biggest problem is that if these people were killed on 19 March 2022, this would mean that the bodies were left outside for a fortnight before being discovered! Unless they are kept in a cold room (at a temperature of 2 to 4°C, which slows down the process but does not stop it), the body will start to putrefy two to three days after death.

However, from 20 March onwards, temperatures rise to 16°C on 22 and 23 March. The weather was also sunny, which meant that it was even hotter on the dark asphalt where the bodies lay. This means that in a fortnight the bodies should be well advanced in their putrefaction.

The bodies should be swollen with gases from the putrefaction of the internal organs, and black-red putrefaction fluid should have escaped from the bodies which would give off a disgusting smell (I attended an exhumation of bodies in the summer of 2016, and I can assure you that even 20 m away from the guys digging the smell was to be vomited).

Moreover, maggots, stray dogs, rats, and scavengers would have had ample time to devour some of the body parts. But this is not the case, these bodies are intact. No inhabitant of the street where these people were killed would have left the bodies there for a fortnight. Even under the bombardment, the civilians of Mariupol buried their dead within days of their death because the smell was so horrible.

And contrary to what some say, Russian forces did not prevent the burial of civilian bodies, since the digging of the mass grave in mid-March (which I mentioned yesterday) is confirmed by several Ukrainian articles from that period.

In addition, more recent photos of some of the bodies confirm that there is something wrong with this story. Here are some photos taken by Reuters.

bucha false flag 4
bucha false flag 5
It is clear from the hands that the body is still "fresh". The skin has not yet turned green and then black. On the other hand, there is blood accumulated under the nails and the skin of the fingers is crumpled as if they had been in water for a while. The skin on the palm, however, does not show the same marks, which suggests that the person was lying on his back with his arm behind his back and that his right hand was in a shallow puddle. The white bandage binding the hands is very clean. The victim's clothes are also very clean. It is impossible for a corpse that has been on the street for a fortnight to be so clean.

A photo of the dead cyclist also raises questions. If you look at his hands, you can see that gloves were put on him, but post-mortem. Because of the rigor mortis, it was impossible to put on all the fingers properly. Why put gloves on a dead man?

bucha false flag 6
Moreover, almost all the dead have their hoods pulled down over their heads, or are face down. If they had been shot in the head there should be blood and holes in the hoods. But there is nothing. On the whole, the victims' clothes are in good condition, which also raises questions.

It should be added that the actual date of the Maxar satellite shot is being questioned by the Rybar blogger team.

Correction on 6 April 2022: Initially the Rybar team had arrived at a calculation indicating a satellite image capture on 1 April, but they have discovered an error in the calculations and are re-checking everything. They are now looking at a probable date of 31 March 2022. We are waiting for the final calculations. Meanwhile, the War on Fakes team discovered that Maxar is refusing to sell Bucha's WorldView and GeoEye-1 satellite images dated 19, 22 and 23 March 2022, claiming that they can only provide 31 March. Maxar claims that the images for the three dates of 19-23 March are not available, even though they are in their catalogue. This is strange, to say the least, because if the image for 19 March was provided to the New York Times, it should be available.

Another attempt, this time by telling us that a Ukrainian drone filmed Russian troops shooting at a civilian on 3 March 2022:

Except that there are some consistency problems. To begin with, on 3 March, a video filmed in Bucha and published on Telegram the same day, shows Ukrainian soldiers raising the Ukrainian flag in the town, while it is snowing! The person filming even clearly states that they are in Bucha on 3 March at the beginning of the videos. Clearly on 3 March, Bucha is under Ukrainian control!

You can clearly see on this video that the ground is soaked. Moreover, if we look at the weather forecast of the day before and of the 3rd of March 2022, we can see that it snowed these two days. However, on the video filmed allegedly on 3 March by the drone, the asphalt is dry! Moreover, if we look at the gardens of the houses to the right and left of the street where the man is moving, we see that the grass is timidly starting to turn green again. But the grass has only started to grow here in the last few days thanks to the rise in temperature. On 3 March 2022 it was barely 1-2°C in Bucha and it was snowing!

So nothing is right in this video. On the announced date the city was under Ukrainian control, and the streets should have been soaked from the snowfall!

As we can see, the elements brought by the Ukrainians and the Western media to support the thesis of Russia's responsibility for the Bucha massacre do not fit and show clear traces of an attempt to falsify history. As in Timisoara, as in the case of Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction, or the incubator case in Kuwait.

And already after this false-flag affair, the Ukrainian army blew up a chemical tank in Roubejnoye, surely to make it look like a chemical attack by Russia, while the Russian army and the LPR people's militia are surrounding the town. The Russian Ministry of Defense had warned that Ukraine might resort to such a provocation and unfortunately this is what happened.

The war propaganda is in full swing and both Ukraine and its Western bosses are ready to use any lie to portray Russian soldiers as bloodthirsty beasts and war criminals, while Russian troops are doing everything to preserve the lives of civilians in this conflict and are distributing hundreds of tons of humanitarian aid in the areas under its control