Canadian Tire
Staff at a Canadian Tire store wrestled to the floor and handcuffed a man who refused to wear a mask last week, highlighting again the apparent use of excessive force by non-governmental actors to impose mandatory mask mandates in Canada.

One video of the ordeal was posted on Twitter by a user named Dan Dicks. The clip shows the maskless man being apprehended by five Canadian Tire staff in Burnaby. They struggled to subdue the man for his apparent non-compliance with mask mandates inside the store.

"You're f--king pushing me ... Get your hands off of me, get your f--king hands off of me," the man can be heard shouting in the video, while store staff tried to subdue him.

He can be seen in a chokehold by one of the store staff members while on his knees. It is at this point in the video clip that the man strongly resists while screaming, "Get your hands off of me."

A voice can be heard saying, "get your hands behind your back." The man, with his face visibly red, then said, "I can't breathe."

He accused the staff of assaulting him, saying, "You guys aren't the police," to which a staff member responded, "It doesn't matter."

Comment: Actually, it does matter. Unless you want to open the door for any staff at any location at any store be given free rein to gang up and use physical violence against customers who don't listen to them. There are other ways of handling situations like this that require diplomacy, tact and assessing the situation so as to NOT create a scene. These staffers should be fired and charged.

At this point in the video, the man is planted to the floor to be handcuffed, while still screaming, "Get your hands off of me." He also said, "You're hurting me."

RCMP eventually arrived at the store and took the man into custody, where he was investigated for assault. According to a CTV report about the incident, Burnaby RCMP said that they are currently investigating several videos of the incident which took place on Monday, February 22.

"The information we got originally, and from the statements, is that he did punch some of the staff," said Cpl. Michael Kalanj according to the CTV report. Police also stated they cannot say at this time if "excessive force," or "not enough" force was used by store staff against the maskless man.

Comment: I think the video of the incident speaks volumes to this. And it's common knowledge that you don't take the law into your own hands, you call the police to defuse the situation.

Canadian Tire spokesperson Cathy Kurzbock issued a short statement about the incident, saying the "matter is under investigation and we're working with the RCMP as they examine the entire circumstances."

A Press For Truth report said the mainstream media has launched a "smear campaign" against the man, whom they identified as Chris Ivany.

A video posted by Ivany and included in the Press For Truth report allegedly shows events leading up to the apprehension by store staff of Ivany.

The unedited video shows Ivany tell store staff that he will not leave the store, after being told to do so. "Hey, you're done! Get out of the store!" says the employee at one point in the video. "You don't get to punch us, buddy."

Ivany can be heard responding, "I didn't punch you," and, "Stop assaulting me." He then went on to say, "If you keep touching me, I'm going to f--king drop you, kid."

"My human rights are trumping your bull--it mask mandates," the man screamed at one point.

The province of British Columbia has had mask mandates for all indoor areas in effect since November 19, but exemptions exist for those unable to wear one, such as those with a health condition, or a mental, physical, psychological, or behavioral condition.

It is not clear at this time if any exemptions would apply to Ivany.

According to Press For Truth, Ivany has been contacted by independent Ontario MPP Randy Hillier and is seeking legal counsel.

Hillier blasted the incident on Twitter last week. "BLOODY outrageous! How was your shopping experience at [Canadian Tire]. Were you assaulted, tackled and handcuffed-how was yours? I'm shopping at Amazon & businesses that treat people & customers with respect. Businesses that treat people like this deserve to get smaller not bigger," wrote Hillier.

Last week's Canadian Tire incident is one of many regarding mandatory mask mandates in Canada, which have seen alleged aggressive behavior by store staff and security agents directed at people not wearing masks.

In December of 2020, a four-time Paralympic athlete born with no hands was evicted from a bookstore in Vancouver for not wearing a mask, despite the fact she is physically unable to put one on herself without help.

An Ontario man last year found himself one of the latest victims to his provincial COVID-19 rules after mall "cops" slammed him to the floor for violating the mall's rules of mandatory mask-wearing and banning eating in its food court.