Illusion of Power
© Eric Peters Auto
Today - Monday - may be the day the Orange Man is dragged feet first out of the White House. Even if not, the day is coming when his die-hard supporters will have to deal with the hangover of the delusion that by some deux ex machina - or "kraken" - the Orange Man's fortunes are going to be reversed at the very last minute, just wait and see. Generals with no commands are saying so!

Cling tight to the fantasy because the actuality is just too much to bear.

Here is the bitter pill that must be swallowed:

Facts are irrelevant now. It does not matter that the election probably was stolen any more than it matters that a "mask" isn't stopping the spread of anything (except sanity). A medieval mentality is rising from the shattered remains of the Enlightenment. A new Dark Age is descending, defined by irrationality rabidized, as it was 500 years ago. If you listen, you can already hear the cry . . .

Burn the witch!

Just sub in "Trumper" - or conservative or for that matter anyone who questions anything the new priest class says the faith requires. People worry about the Second Amendment when the First is already on the rack, its tendons snapping, bones dislocating. How will the Second fare when its turn comes?

Yet many people on the Trump (or other-than-Biden) side still do not fully appreciate what they face. They retain their own anachronistic faith that facts matter; that if only the people knew the truth about the election! About Biden! About this virus that doesn't kill 99.8-something percent of the healthy population!

The truth does not matter.

It is no defense, either.

It won't persuade people who believe in witches. Who are riddled with fear of things they can't see but who see you aren't fearful, which unnerves and shames them - and instills in them an urge to see you burn. This is the etiology of the Holy Warriors of Sickness Psychosis, who are the same people who don't want to hear anything about the election their high priest won, no matter how he won it.

Similarly, the tragic faith in a last-minute Hail Mary by the retired generals and Tweeting lawyers that the "kraken" is coming, don't you worry. Even as the day is days away - if not sooner - that Orange Man will either leave the premises on his own two feet or be dragged out of the premises by his feet. It doesn't materially matter. They still believe. Even though what will happen is that he'll be leaving and that something else is coming, like it or not.

I get it.

I also wanted desperately to believe that, somehow, facts about the election would cause a reconsideration of the election's result. Just as I want the facts about the WuFlu to heal Sickness Psychosis. it is hard to let go of faith in facts, in their power to dissipate fear.

I wanted to believe, not because I am a Trumper but because I dread the thing slouching in his wake. Whatever his many flaws, I don't regard the Orange Man as evil - just flawed. Like a brother-in-law who drinks too much and talks too loudly when he drinks.

But not a bad guy.

The thing slouching in his wake is bad. Very bad. It has already given an inkling of what it will do once the formalities have been attended to. Speech will be suppressed. Dissent will be pathologized, as in the old Soviet Union - when criticism of Communism was taken as evidence of mental illness. Wait and see. It is coming.

It is almost here.

What isn't coming is a last-minute reprieve. The Special Forces didn't snatch Nancy Pelosi's computer and Epstein isn't testifying about anything. Chief Justice Roberts' secrets - whatever they may be - are safe. Mike Pence will probably get a six-figure gig as a board member of some corporate conglomerate and the Orange Man will continue to Tweet - or Twat or whatever they'll call his new social media echo chamber, where the faithful will continue to believe in their lost cause and the endless imminence of the "kraken" that will never come.

It is time to stop confusing wishes with what is. And to come to grips with the new normal, a joint run by hysterias and injunctions, led by a new clergy that understands what matters now and it isn't facts.

The Orange Man blew his chance - and ours - when he didn't act to prevent the Dark Age from descending and enveloping. He could have. The "kraken" that might have saved us all should have come eight months ago, when it was known to anyone still thinking that everyone wasn't going to die or even get mildly sick and that it was fatally sick to let the impression be created that it was something more than that.

Instead, the Orange Man let the priesthood take over and so Darkness descended. Rome has fallen - again.

And it may take another 1,000 years to snap out of it.