woodbridge california memorial student suicide
An 11-year-old boy in California shot and killed himself during a virtual class this week.

Local authorities confirmed that the boy shot himself when his camera and microphone were off during a virtual class on Zoom in San Joaquin County on Wednesday. His sister, who was also home learning remotely, found him and alerted a neighbor and her teacher.

Authorities found the boy with a head injury and took him to the hospital, where he later died.

"Our thoughts are with the family and all those affected by this tragic event," the sheriff's office said.

The news comes as mental health-related emergency visits have increased this year amid lockdowns and restrictions concerning the coronavirus.

"Compared with 2019, the proportion of mental health-related visits for children aged 5-11 and 12-17 years increased [by] approximately 24% and 31%, respectively," the CDC said in a report, and noted that "monitoring indicators of children's mental health, promoting coping and resilience, and expanding access to services to support children's mental health are critical during the COVID-19 pandemic."

In San Francisco, health experts warned that teenage suicide, depression, and anxiety are increasing amid the coronavirus.

"Kids have hit a wall," said Christine Garcia, a San Francisco psychologist who said eight teenagers landed in San Francisco emergency rooms on Halloween after attempted suicides. "Typical is usually one or two, at most, and eight is an insane number."