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A school district in Illinois is getting some push-back from parents after banning students from wearing pajamas while they're taking online classes.

WCIA reports the rule is listed in the district's handbook.

Some parents and even the district's school board president aren't fully on board.

"In truth, the whole pajama thing is really at the bottom of our priority scale when it comes to public education," Springfield Education Association President Aaron Graves told WCIA. "We really want to see kids coming to the table of education whether it's at the kitchen table with the laptop there or whether it's the actual brick and mortar school house. Raising the bar for all kids and helping them get there, whether their in their pajamas or tuxedo is really what's important."

The district issued the following statement:

"The policy will be addressed on an individual basis through the Restorative/Discipline Options for Classroom Managed Behaviors as outlined in the handbook (see excerpt below). Generally speaking, there are no definitive one-to-one consequences outlined in our handbook for any disciplinary reason. Incidents of misconduct and subsequent consequences are treated on an individual basis."