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Part of the "New Normal" that's being promoted on every channel of the mainstream media is the wearing of face masks to... stop the spread of coronavirus? Are we still doing this?

A good part of the issue is the mountains of evidence that masks don't actually prevent viral transmission and that they appear to cause harm to the wearer. Combine that with the fact that the WHO doesn't recommend them and even Lockdown in Chief Anthony Fauci has said they're simply 'symbolic' and you've got a recipe for crazy making. Why are they still making people wear these stupid things?

Join us on this episode of Objective:Health and as we 'unmask' the issues around masks.

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Here's the transcript of the show:

Erica: Hello, welcome to Objective Health. I am your host today, Erica, and joining me in the virtual studio are Doug, Elliot, Tiffany and behind the scenes doing all the awesomeness that we need done because we don't know how to do it, is Damian. [Laughter]

We are up on another week of complete and total insanity. Today, we thought we would talk about masks and gloves because in states in the US and I would presume in Europe the reopening is happening. We are moving back to a "new normal". What does that mean? Each state opens under different mandates. We're in North Carolina and they're doing a different phase system. Certain things can open in phase one and if they see a drop in cases then they will move to phase two. I think in our state we're in phase two. The masks are becoming the new norm.

Back in April, there was an article in the Daily Mail. I think it was on April 13th, by Vanessa Chalmers WHO Says Mask Wearing will be the New Norm? You read it and you think is that really going to be the new norm? The WHO's director general on Covid-19 told the BBC that "Some form of facial protection I'm sure is going to become the norm, not least to give people reassurance, but I won't say don't imagine you can do what you like when you wear a mask." He stressed that people must become used to this new way of life in the wake of this pandemic and "Because this virus isn't going to go away, we don't know whether people who have had the virus stay immune afterwards and will not get it again. We don't know when we will have a vaccine. So, this is how we are defending societies." Man, if you're going to swallow that line of BS I feel sorry for you! [laughter]

Tiffany: First of all, who the hell is this guy and who gave him any authority to say what's going to be the new normal and what isn't?! Who do these people think they are? I mean, really. They're human beings just like everybody else. Some might argue that they are possibly not quite fully human, but still. What gives them the authority to tell us what to do?

Erica: He said that this is that reassurance for millions of anxious people as scientists race against time to find a vaccine. My thinking is, because I am back at work and this is the new protocol, does it work? Is it going to prevent it? In our county, we've had a resurgence of it.

There are two very distinct camps. A lot of people are thinking we shouldn't open back up because it's going to come back. Just like we said in previous shows, calling it Covid-2.0 or the unveiling of the second wave and "it's so irresponsible". Then, people are concerned about the economy, very importantly so. What are going to be the implications of these mandates in two, four or six months? Is it safe? [Laughter] Sorry, I don't mean to be laughing. Sometimes humour is the only way you can not lose your mind over it all.

Doug: One of the things that really caught my attention when looking into the different stuff about masks for the show is what we were talking about on the last show: Dr. Fauci came out and said that masks are symbolic. He completely backtracked on what he was saying before which was that "masks were necessary and we're certainly considering making them mandatory," etc. etc. etc. There was an article up on SOTT called 'Masks Are Symbolic,' say Dr Fauci and The New England Journal of Medicine. Then, the New England Journal of Medicine came out with an article more or less saying the same thing which was that they don't actually protect you from anything and really it's just for reassurance so you can be less fearful.

What a bunch of BS, honestly! If these masks don't do anything then you should come out and say the masks don't do anything, stop wearing them. This is ridiculous. Don't say that people are more comfortable with them on and that they feel like they are protected. No, if they don't do anything then don't tell people to wear them! It's ridiculous.

Elliot: Doug, I would even go so far as to say, as a devil's advocate, maybe if the masks are neutral and they don't protect you but that there is also no downside to them then I could kind of understand, kind of. There is a small part of me that could understand the concept of saying that it's best to be safe and if it makes you feel comfortable then you can wear the mask. That's not the truth is it? It's not that these masks have no downsides.

In fact, when people wear these masks they think they are "protecting themselves" but they are not. Not only does it not protect us from the virus, but as we are probably going to talk about in today's show, those masks are dangerous! They are dangerous in many different contexts. So by maintaining this position they are actually doing people harm.

Doug: The main ways that they are dangerous is that they obstruct your breathing. You're sitting there with a cover over your face and you are breathing back in what you have just breathed out. That raises the amount of carbon dioxide that you are breathing in and it lowers the amount of oxygen that you are breathing in. There have been instances where people have passed out while wearing them. One guy in the states somewhere passed out behind the wheel of a car because he was wearing it all day. He was in the car with the mask on, windows up and he passed out and crashed his car.

Elliot: There was another case in China where two children died from doing exercise at school and they developed hypoxia, or hypercapnia: excess C02 in the lungs and they died. There was another case of a fellow in the UK who suffered from a collapsed lung because he was given the impression that it's safe to go outside and do your daily exercises while wearing a mask to provide extra protection. He got a collapsed lung and he was hospitalised. There are very real risks to this.

Doug: Unbelievable.

Tiffany: You guys remember a few years ago when that whole Pokemon Go craze was going on? People were just walking around and stumbling out into traffic and falling into ditches and things like that over a stupid video game. We have this situation which is basically a big, gigantic stupid game and people are wearing these masks and theyère getting headaches and they are passing out behind the wheel, they're dying during exercise and nobody seems to realise the absurdity of the whole thing. I think that maybe people are laughing "We told them to wear a mask and they fell for it." What I want to say is that I do kind of agree with Fauci on this one thing, that the masks are symbolic. I think that they're symbolic of...

Doug: Fealty.

Tiffany: ...yes, the blind fealty of the people, or the sheeple, and what they will allow the government to get away with. They probably don't think that the government is getting away with anything, they think that the government is protecting them. It's just symbolic of people's gullibility and stupidity and them not questioning anything. That's what it's symbolic of.

Doug: It's also like virtue signalling right? "I'm a good citizen. I wear my mask because I am doing what I'm told." It has the opposite effect on anyone who actually has a brain in their head where it doesn't come across as a virtue at all, it comes across exactly as you just said, Tiff, people who are spineless and who can't think for themselves, sheep.

Erica: It's also kind of becoming a line in the sand, politically. I had someone say to me recently "You know if you don't wear a mask what you are saying is that you're a conservative republican." [Laughter]

Doug: Oh my God.

Tiffany: You are a Trump supporter.

Erica: I honestly didn't know what to say to that. I wish I had taken some screenshots, but I'm terrible at stuff like that, but I started noticing on social media "I wear a mask because I respect other people and I care and I'm not a conspiracy theorist". I'm looking through this thinking I don't even know how to process this. For one, we know just from reading articles for this show that it doesn't really help at all and the people that I'm seeing wearing masks are making them themselves out of fabric. Half the time you go into the gas station and it's right here [puts hand under chin] it's not over their nose and they forgot to take their gloves off like Sanjay Gupta showed us on last week's show. They are handling money and they touch their face and all the while you're just observing going "I don't even know what to think. I hope I don't have a meltdown in the process of this." [laughter]

So I do think the virtue signaling thing is very interesting because I haven't been wearing the mask. I work in an outside environment. I was advised that as long as you're outside you don't need to wear the mask and the gloves and that it's safe. Slowly but surely you see workers on the side of the road weed whacking with not a person around and they have got a mask and gloves on!

Is it this unspoken 'us and them' mentality like Jonathan Hyatt talks about? Is it, "I'm choosing to wear the mask even if I don't believe in it because I don't want people to negatively judge me as wanting to kill elderly people," like Joe had said when we interviewed him. It's just fascinating. It's a fascinating time to live in and to watch it morph and change. As we discussed on the show last time, nobody ever comes out and says "We gave you the wrong information and it turns out the mask doesn't work. If you're a caregiver and you are taking care of someone with Covid-19 then the mask may help you." Everyone is just jumping on the bandwagon.

Doug: It is encouraging in a certain sense because it seemed like when everything was peaking and the media was in full gear about the whole thing, I did see a lot of people wearing masks even though where I am it was never mandatory. Now, I do see less of it. The other day I walked into a store and they said "No, you have to wear a mask to be in here" and I just turned around and left. I thought, "I'm not playing this game. if you want to lose customers because of insisting on these kinds of things then fine. Personally, I'm not going to do it." If I was at gunpoint or something like that and they said "You have to wear a mask" then fine, I'll put a mask on. I'm not going to lose my life over it or anything like that, but any time I have a choice I'm not going to be wearing it.

I know that there are people other who feel the same, maybe not quite as strongly but a number of people out there know that it's a game and that it's stupid and they are not interested. Like you said, Erica, I do think that there are people out there who are like "I am going to put on the mask because I don't want to get shamed and screeched at by strangers" which is fair enough. You pick your battles. Anyway, that's how I feel about it.

Erica: It's interesting that in the US with businesses opening up that economically if people want to go back to work - and it really depends on what state you're in - if you work with the public you have to wear a mask and gloves. Now you are on that trajectory of "Do I have an income? Do I have a job?" Now, you are essentially forced to do it. I don't have an article to document this but I heard that California recently opened back up and nobody can go outside without a mask on. That's huge. We're talking about a huge state which used to be one of the biggest economic states in the world and governor Gavin Newsom can come out and say that nobody can go outside without a mask on? Where are your liberties and your rights?

I saw a funny meme that said "This is the home of the free, land of the brave and if you're a pussy then I don't know what to tell you." [laughter] If you are afraid then don't go outside!

Tiffany: Don't impose your stupidity on everyone else just because you're afraid. If you're afraid, you stay home and you wear a mask in your own backyard with no one there. You do that and I'm just going to go and live my life.

Elliot: The problem is that there's no accountability. There's no skin in the game. The Californian governor for instance, how can someone come out and make a statement like that when there is categorically zero evidence?! It even says on the N95 respiratory mask cover when you buy that mask that it "does not protect against most viruses". There is no evidence that this even works against the virus, so how can you have some bureaucrat governor come out and say something which has 1) potential to cause harm to people and 2) something that's not backed up by any scientific evidence? There's no accountability. That's the problem. He will not be taken to court over it. He is never going to have to deal with the consequences of his decisions.

If people drop down dead during exercising because they have collapsed lungs, or they develop low oxygen and they get dizzy and they drive into a lamp post and they kill themselves and their family it will just be seen as a necessary death to protect the wider majority of the public. It's ludicrous how this is legal and how people can get away spouting pure lies or nonsense which isn't backed by any scientific evidence. And people will listen!

Doug: The worst part of it is that they insist that they are following the science. That's the line that they put forward all the time "We are going with the science on this one. We're following the science." There is no science that backs up what they are saying. In regards to the mask, there is absolutely none. Yet, they will tell you that they are following the science and then all the people hear that and they think "I believe in science so I am going to wear the mask as well." It's ridiculous.

Tiffany: There are numerous studies saying that the masks are ineffective and that they do cause harm. That's not the science that they are choosing to follow. The fact is that this is all a bunch of bunk and that they are not really following the science. They can claim to not know what the true science is, but I'm sure a lot of them do know what the true science is and that the masks strictly are symbolic. The question is, if the masks don't work what is the agenda for getting people to wear a mask?

Doug: Compliance.

Tiffany: You can speculate on that for a while. Yes, compliance. One thing I noticed was that you can't see anybody's face, obviously, because they are wearing a mask. I have a hard time recognising people if they are wearing a mask. You can't see people's facial expressions. There are certain people, like if they are schizophrenic or they're overmedicated with antipsychotic drugs, who get this really flat affect. Their facial expressions aren't animated, they're just flat. They don't smile. They don't smile with their eyes and there is very little movement in their face. It is very off-putting to try and connect or have a conversation with someone like this. So just imagine the whole world's full of people wearing masks and you cannot connect with them and you can't really see what's going on with them, whether they're sneering at you or if they're smiling at you.

It just creates this entire barrier between people and I think that is one of the whole reasons for wearing it. If you combine that with social distancing and what you have is a bunch of people who can't connect with each other.

Erica: It's interesting you mention that, Tiff, because one thing that people are doing to address that exact issue that they are talking about is they're making face badges, like a photo and hanging it around their neck with their face on it. It says "This is what I look like under this mask".

Tiffany: Seriously? Should you really have to go through that? It's just so unnatural.

Doug: I think you make a very good point, Tiff. Humans are social creatures, right? We read facial expressions all the time, constantly. It's a serious barrier. You can tell the difference when you are talking to somebody on the phone and when you're talking to them in person that there is a level of communication that isn't there. Things go over your head - is he joking? Is he not joking?

All kinds of different things are communicated through facial expressions so putting that barrier there is similar to the social distancing in that it is putting another barrier between people and between being able to connect with somebody. How easy is it to connect with somebody if you can't see them and you can't see their face?

Tiffany: A lot of times you can't even hear them either because they're muffled with this big, stupid mask on.

Erica: They're talking about starting to open up restaurants and bars and so you go to these places for social interaction, but you still have to sit six feet apart and you have to wear the mask. All of a sudden, this whole cultural experience becomes such an oddity. How are you supposed to eat a nice dinner with a mask and gloves on?

Tiffany: Cut a hole in it! Come on! [laughter]

Erica: It really is a representation, a sign of the times, of how we are going to change every aspect of life slowly, subtly, until the vaccine comes! Then we don't have to do any of this any more and we will be completely safe and we'll have our immunity passports and our contact tracing app and it'll all be better. It's like "Are you doing your part to be part of the solution and not the problem?"

Tiffany: It's funny how it all seems to fit in really nicely with the whole transhumanism "merge with robots" and AI type of agenda that they are pushing. All these people communicating by text message or over video chats and not having face to face connection with people and all the sex-bot things that are going on. I think one of the agendas is to just turn humans into more robotic and feelingless entities versus real live human beings who actually want to talk with each other and show affection.

Doug: We're basically being slowly herded into those matrix pods, right? We're all completely separated, only communicating through text messages. Everything is virtual reality.

Erica: After being quarantined for a month to two months people are dying for social interaction in any possible form. People go out and they try to find some sort of normal - we know it's never going to get back to normal - but just being human beings, and "It's back now! It's back because we didn't quarantine long enough, or we didn't do the right things." The onus is always on us as individuals " I don't do what I was supposed to do". That is a psychological mind ... I won't say it.

Tiffany: Mind smurf. [laughter]

Erica: For me, because I am a yoga teacher and have obviously been trying to social distance while teaching and working with people, I haven't worn a mask. All of a sudden, that whole realm of doing anything like that has completely changed. I've had to completely change how I interact with clients. What I have decided is that the best thing to say is "Are you comfortable if I move closer to you to make a suggestion? Does it make you uncomfortable?" I'd say that 95% of people are like "I'm fine". It changes the interaction in everything that we do, in every part of our life.

Tiffany: Here's a funny story. I went to the dentist last week and before the dental hygienist cleaned my teeth she was apologising. She had on a mask and then on top the mask she had this plastic shield and glasses and one of those surgical caps that they wear over their heads. She was apologising because she had to put on this whole big suit to wear to clean my teeth. I was like "Don't worry about it, don't apologise. You have got to do what you have got to do".

Then, she told me this story about some person that came into the dentist's office and they were wearing a mask and she was setting up her instruments and she kept looking over to see if the person was going to take their mask off and they didn't do it. So, she's getting ready some more and she is moving closer to the patient in the dental chair thinking that they were going to take their mask off. Then, finally the person didn't take their mask off and she said "I'm going to start working on your teeth right now. You're going to have to take the mask off." And the person in the chair said to her "I thought you were just going to put a hole in it." [laughter] She and I both got a pretty good laugh off of that but it's just so ridiculous.

You have to know what's going to happen when you go to the dentist. You're going to be in the chair and your mouth is going to be wide open and they are going to have their hands in your mouth. That's how dentists work. I don't understand what this person's deal was that they thought that the dental hygienist would actually cut a hole in their mask. If the hole is in the mask then what good is the mask?

Doug: Exactly!

Tiffany: That's the kind of idiocy that we're dealing with now. I'm sure that level of idiocy was probably there before all the Corona, but Corona has done a really good job of just bringing it out into the public eye.

Doug: Yeah, it was.

Erica: It's highlighting it all. We hope that our listeners and viewers keep an open mind about it. I know that on their website, the WHO has put the information that the mask does not protect you. Like Doug said in a previous show, it's not like they are going to come out and make an announcement about that. Just practice clarity of thought and try not to get swept up in the craziness of it all. Moving forward each day it's like is this your line in the sand? Is this the hill you are willing to die on for this?

Out of concern for elderly people especially, if an elderly person said I would feel more comfortable if you have a mask then of course I am going to be respectful of other people, but until then I will continue to not wear the mask until it is forced upon me. Do you guys have anything else? Any other pearls of wisdom to share?

Damian: If you have to wear a mask and you don't have a choice, you could always write your protest on it and write "hoax" in big letters or "you are being lied to" or whatever. There is still a way to fight back.

Erica: That's all we are trying to do here is just share helpful information to help people navigate through these very uncertain times. It is an uncertain time. Make it through the day. Observe. Try not to get sucked up into the emotional intensity that goes along with all of this. As I said earlier in the show, this is what will divide people. It will divide families, and it will divide communities. When I see another person not wearing a mask I smile.

Doug: Me too.

Erica: I got you! We are together on this! Just keep it light. I think that's all I have to share.

Tiffany: I think it depends on where you go also. I went to Walmart the other day and it seemed like most of the people in the Walmart were wearing masks. There were a few outliers, including myself. But then, I went to this tool shop and they sell garage tools and things like that and none of the customers were wearing a mask. I don't know, maybe guys who build stuff don't give a crap about Corona?

Doug: That's probably true.

Tiffany: Those are the kind of people I want to hang out with.

Elliot: You say that, maybe as a general rule, but I've actually been surprised that the only people who I have seen in the UK to be wearing a mask in their car whilst driving with all of the windows up have been builders,guys with vans, like plumbers. I've been surprised about that. That's not to say that as a general rule they are all like that, that's just something that has surprised me.

Erica: We will just continue to collect data in our regions about what's happening day-to-day, month-to-month and report back as best we can and see how this unfolds. We may look back at this time and just shake our heads, "Oh my gosh you just can't make this stuff up!"

Doug: Inevitably, I think.

Erica: Thank you all for joining us. Please "like" and subscribe to our show, if you have any comments we'd love to hear from you. If you wear a mask, if you don't wear a mask, why? We are always open. Thank you and thank you to my co-hosts and Damian and we will see you all again soon.