Zelensky Putin
Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky and Russia President Vladimir Putin
"Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine: Putin Killed People in the Odessa House of Trade Unions"

That's all. The masks, as they say, came off. Yesterday at 19.30 the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs posted a statement with the official position of Ukraine concerning the tragedy in Odessa. The document can be found here.

Given that according to the Constitution of Ukraine the foreign policy course of the country is determined by the President, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs yesterday posted the official position of President Zelensky. So:
1. Russia is the organiser of the massacre on May 2nd 2014 in Odessa.

2. The Russian security services organised the killings of Ukrainians in Odessa for the sole purpose of preventing the European integration of Ukraine.

3. The condolences expressed to Ukraine by Russian President Putin are a manifestation of cynicism and the hypocrisy of the Russian authorities.

4. The entire civilised world should condemn Russia for the massacre in the Odessa House of Trade Unions.

5. Ukrainian law enforcement bodies will certainly prosecute pro-Russian activists and their Kremlin curators in the near future.
And you, naive person, wanted justice and an objective investigation? Six years of investigation are not enough for you? Something else is not clear? Zelensky does not need any investigation: he has already assigned the perpetrators, which means that the "investigation" will fulfil another political order of the authorities. Well, it would be okay if such a statement would have been made by the Prosecutor-General of the times of Poroshenko, or the investigator at worst... but the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine - this is just too far! That's it, friends. "Servants of the People" have finally lost the remnants of its legitimacy and no longer have the moral right to be called an authority.