© ICTVSaakashvili interview on ICTV channel's programme "Freedom of Speech" on 27 March.
Georgia's ex-President and ex-governor of Odessa, Mikhail Saakashvili, has shocked the patriotic Ukrainian public, stating that the Ukraine has never really known a "real Russian aggression."

The Ukrainian authorities are so deep in their own lies, says Saakashvili, that the public no longer believes in said aggression and "evil Putin." This was stated in a programme Freedom of Speech on 27 March, on ICTV channel.

Saakashvili complained that in 2008, 200 aircraft and 2000 tanks were used against his country, and that the Ukraine really hasn't experienced "the real Russian armed forces."

"The kind of war that is taking place in the Ukraine, just so you understand, was taking place in Georgia from the very first day of my presidency. Our soldiers were continually killed, something somewhere was constantly blown up, we had destabilisation, a hybrid war, terror acts, including those in the Capital. But the kind of war we had in 2008, the Ukraine has not witnessed. And God forbid that it happens. We were bombed by 200 aircraft, and we had 2000 tanks enter our territory in 2 days. Hundreds of thousands of soldiers were mobilised, and 100,000 came to Georgia. This has not happened here" - said Saakashvili.

At that moment, a Member of Parliament of Poroshenko's party, Alexander Briginets, became enraged.

"It would have been best if you didn't say what you just said. You began to compare wars and explain which war is scarier - yours or ours, it would have been best for you to be quiet. It's shameful - what you said. I think tomorrow it will be the main topic of discussion for Ukrainians, that you said your war was "cooler" than our war. I'm ashamed for you." said Briginets.
John McCain Mikhail Saakashvili
Mikhail Saakashvili and warmonger John McCain
Saakashvili responded, that the Ukrainian authorities have got so lost in their own lies, that the people no longer believe in a "Russian aggression" and an "evil Putin." The ex-governor confirmed that everybody knows, this is a war of insiders, close to the regime.

"Excuse me - this is your war [inter-government]. If you ask the Ukrainian people, to my complete dismay, they no longer mention Putin, the main aggressor, the Russian army and tanks. The people have for a long time known that this is your war [inter-government] which must be stopped, because the war is being lost. But in our war - we will win. We will make Ukraine strong and the aggressor will leave us alone. War is only profitable to those who earn money off of it - your Gladkovsky, your other low-lives that profit." said the ex-President of Georgia.

Inessa Sinchougova: Saakashvili is of course full of shit and the master of half truths. The Russian army entered Georgia in 2008 after the Western-funded provocation and murder of Russian peacekeepers in Ossetia. Georgia opened fire, and Russia responded - which made perfect but convoluted headlines for CNN and BBC. Watch Putin explain it for himself in the video below.

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