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This whole coronavirus thing is pretty damn fishy. There are a lot of holes in the official line that make it ripe territory for people to fill in the blanks with any number of dubious connections. And because the science on 5G shows it could potentially have a lot of negative health consequences, it was perhaps inevitable that it would be connected with the coronavirus in a cause and effect relationship. One tenuous connection is made after another and, before you know it, people are burning down 5G mast towers.

On this episode of Objective:Health we're joined again by our favourite tech expert Scottie of Scottie's Tech.Info as he helps us sort through the conspiracy to look at the 5G/coronavirus connection, or lack thereof.

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Here's the transcript of the show:

Doug: Hello, and welcome to another exciting episode of Objective Health. I am Doug, and wirth me today is my co-host Erica. Again today, we are going to be talking about the Coronavirus. It seems like it is pretty much all we talk about now. Specifically, the stuff that has been going around about the connection between 5G and the Coronavirus. Some people are spreading around this idea that 5G is actually causing the coronavirus in some way, or affecting it in some way. Because we were going to be doing this topic, we decided we were going to go back to our favourite tech guy Scottie from Scottiestech.info to fill us in on some of the scoop on that. Welcome Scottie.

Scottie: Thank you. Good to be back.

Doug: Incidentally, for all of our viewers if anybody didn't catch our last episode with Scottie it was very good, very worth watching. He really laid out all the stuff about 5G, what they are not telling you and what they don't want you to know. It's an excellent show, so we thought as long as we are going to be talking about 5G and its connection with the Coronavirus, you are the guy to talk to.

Scottie: Well, alright then. {laughter}

Doug: You did a video on your own channel, Scottiestech.info which everybody should check out a couple of weeks back? About a week ago?

Scottie: Two weeks ago.

Doug: Two weeks ago. That was debunking the idea that 5G was actually causing Coronavirus in some way. Maybe you can give us a little recap of what you were talking about in that video?

Scottie: Sure. Back in July, 2018 I think it was, I made a video called 5G is just the Tip of the Iceberg and the whole reason I made that video was because everyone back then - it was almost two years ago - was talking about 5G and it kept coming up in the news. I decided to make that video because my point was that okay, we have these 5G systems coming in and yes, they are using higher frequencies, but back at that time it was shocking to me to see that everyone was talking about 5G and how horrible it was while ignoring the elephant in the room which was that we have 2G, 3G and 4G, WiFi, and Bluetooth.

All this stuff has been around for years and everyone is ignoring it. One of the points I made in that video was that WiFi was introduced for sale in 2001 and was publicly available. It didn't catch on until 2008/2009, so kids right now who are 10/11 years old are the first generation who has actually been exposed to this stuff 24-hours a day 7-days a week. Whether they are at home, in school, going to the park, everywhere. They're saturated by this stuff. Of course, smartphones became popular not that long ago. I was saying yes, a lot of these things have been around for a while but it's only in recent years where we are really bombarded by it from all angles all the time. Most people are anyway.

I made that video in July 2018 and I noticed a few weeks ago that suddenly it started getting a whole bunch of views again. We're in the middle of this Coronavirus pandemic thing - or not pandemic, however you want to look at it - and it's like what does 5G have to do with this? Then, I started seeing these news stories about it and what actually prompted me to make that video 5G or Virus? the Data Speak for Itself. That's what it was called.

I made it purely because I read some news articles about how people who are in countries who are in lockdown were actually leaving their homes to go and find 5G towers and set them on fire. Then I was reading other stuff and some of it was interesting to me, when you have 5G it's a range of frequencies. There'll be 5G at 3GHz for rural areas, some will be at 6GHz. The millimeter wave is 30-300GHz, but we'll say 27GHz is pretty close. Some 5G systems with the steerable beams and super high speeds will be at 27GHz, some 30-something, and I have heard up to 60GHz.

Then everyone started saying that 60GHz is the frequency at which oxygen molecules resonate and blah, blah, blah. I kinda read up a little bit more about what these people were saying and I thought "Let me just do a quick comparison here". I knew that 5G is not super widespread. In certain areas it is, but when you look at maps of the actual deployments of 5G it cannot account for Coronavirus.

Specifically, I was responding to these people who were saying that there is no virus at all and that it's purely just 5G systems. I took an Ookla map which is at speedtest.net and that is a map that shows 5G deployments. Of course, it doesn't include all the 5G deployments. I also didn't include the test deployments. With a test deployment, some people are saying that the whole city is saturated in 5G. In some cases it might mean a large part of the city has already been saturated in it. In other cases it means that there are literally three short streets in the entire city where they put a few antennas up and that's it.

When I looked at that I thought okay, let's go for actual deployments, actual commercial availability of 5G because if you have some test systems here and there sure, it might be getting people but it's not like the whole population is covered by it. So, I overlaid the official Johns Hopkins Covid maps with one of the official 5G maps and it was pretty clear that there wasn't a correlation. In many countries where there were many Covid-19 cases, or supposed Covid-19 cases, there's no 5G to speak of or there are a few test installations here and there. It was a simple way to point out "look, don't be blaming this on 5G".

I got a lot of backlash for that, because of course there are many people saying all sorts of interesting things about 5G. One of the concluding points in my video that I made was simply that "Look, you want to blame everything on 5G, but you're not even thinking about 4G". 4G is everywhere, WiFi is everywhere, Bluetooth is everywhere. People are carrying cellphones all the time and you have been exposed to that stuff for a minimum of 10 years.

There are many studies even in prestigious medical journals - which many people ignore - showing that this stuff might not be so good for us and in fact it's doing things like weakening our immune systems. It seemed a little bit odd to me that so many people were ignoring what is clearly already widely deployed and were focusing on 5G.

It kind of made sense because you are confronted with it in newspapers and online. You turn on the TV or you watch your news on the internet and every mainstream media outlet is telling you "This is the most deadly virus in the world. Millions are going to die" and then millions don't die. Then, they tell you that "children can't get it." then they are like "Children can get it actually!" Then, they tell you "don't leave your home, but you can leave your home." Then, they tell you "Don't worry, animals can't get it." and a week later you find out that there are three big tigers or cats or something that have got Covid-19.

You can understand how in this situation people in general are going to freak out. When we freak out what we tend to do is try to find some semblance of control or normalcy. One of the things that I think happens is while we are going "Oh my God, we are all going to die!" we then try to reason our way out of it and what we end up doing is we end up saying "Hang on a minute! I read some stuff about 5G. 5G is really evil". Then, we blame everything on 5G.

We then ignore things like how the Covid-19 statistics are a little bit wonky, or that there are doctors in California - you have probably seen that video if you can find one that YouTube doesn't take down instantly - who are saying "Look, we understand why they have this lockdown for New York City, maybe it was necessary, but here in more rural or non-major cities we don't have a lot of cases. We're not getting herd immunity. We are not properly taking care of people who have heart disease and strokes."

In the UK there are stories of people in care homes for the elderly where they're not taking care of them any more and they are leaving them all alone and their families can't visit them. They're not even getting the medication that they need, to say nothing of the very probable harsh economic impact of literally shutting down the entire world for two months. That's going to go well.

So all these things are happening and everyone is aware of these things at some level, so some people say "Let's blame it all on 5G". You kind of have to justify it to yourself so you come up with all sorts of crazy theories. That's why I made the video and it was pretty funny because the minute I put the video up, because it mentions Covid-19 YouTube instantly demonetised it. I don't make lots of money from my YouTube channel so that wasn't the end of the world. I requested a review and they had already informed us that because of the lockdown you won't get a review for your video for a couple of weeks. A few days later they approved it and subsequently over 200, 000 people have watched it.

Erica: Wow, that's great.

Scottie: The reason that 200,000 people have watched it was because it is considered okay by YouTube. I'm not saying that 5G is causing the virus, I'm saying "No, that's ridiculous. Here is some simple data that you can look at which obviously doesn't match up". The hidden point and the thing that I couldn't say was that we shouldn't be blaming things that aren't to blame. It may not be fun to think about political motivations and economic concerns and it might be nice to say let's save the elderly while we are simultaneously leaving them in nursing homes to rot. How is this really helping people and really saving people? I have personal experience with doctors and nurses who are working in some other countries like Spain.

Not so long ago they were saying that Spain was the next hot spot and everyone is going to die. I know people working there and they're telling me "We are not doing anything. There are all these empty hospitals." That doesn't mean that all the hospitals are empty, but if you have one area where there are tonnes and tonnes of people at a hospital and they are all being hit by this and a bunch of areas that don't have anybody then at what point do you say that the lockdown is a good idea?

There are more details to consider than just "good" / "bad". My point in making the video in a broader sense was to hopefully get people away from saying "It's all 5G, let's just blame that" and have them thinking a little bit more about this other stuff. Of course, you can't really say so much on YouTube. Hey, are you guys going to put this video on YouTube? {Laughter}

Damian: Sorry!

Doug: I thought of a bunch of things while you were talking there, but one of the things I noticed while trying to get ready for this show was "What are people actually saying about this? I'm going to go and watch some Coronavirus 5G videos and see what people are saying" and there's none. All you can find are debunking videos, you can't actually find any of the videos where they are saying that 5G causes this. I guess YouTube freaked out about it and took all of them down.

I was able to find some on Vimeo and I found one on YouTube that someone had put up with Greek subtitles on so it had a greek name. I guess they didn't find that one. I was surprised, considering how much press has been dedicated to debunking the whole thing it was surprising that you can't find the original stuff any more. All you really have is the evidence of people burning down 5G mast towers.

Scottie: That doesn't really do their cause any favours. Why would you have a whole bunch of videos debunking it? Obviously everyone knows about it because they are searching.

Doug: On the one hand, I can understand why people are freaking out about 5G specifically. Your point was that they are ignoring all the previous generations of communication and they're just focusing on 5G, but isn't 5G like a quantum leap in what is being done with this technology?

You went into this in the past interview that we did with you and we were talking about what it was specifically about 5G that was different from the previous generations. It does seem like it is different enough that people could be like "This other stuff is bad, but 5G is so much worse that maybe it is actually causing these kinds of reactions."

Scottie: Your question there reminded me of what I was going to say. You have all these people saying these things about 5G that, as far as I know, are completely wrong. It's the usual thing where you get a bunch of people expressing valid concerns about 5G - hopefully as I do. I find studies by doctors, physicists even, all saying the same thing. They're saying millimeter wave frequencies penetrate the skin and the sweat ducts in your skin act as helical antennas and this could cause problems. They are talking about DNA damage also at non millimeter-wave frequencies. There are many studies in prestigious medical journals like the Lancet. We are not talking about non-peer reviewed crap studies. Obviously, some of them are and they are in less popular lists or widely accepted less renowned journals. That doesn't necessarily mean that the study itself was garbage.

You have to read the study and then go ok is this peer reviewed? Have people repeated the experiment? In many cases they have. So, you have this whole movement where people are concerned about 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G, and then you have this situation with Covid-19 where suddenly everyone is saying that there is no virus, it's 5G. That's not really doing any favours to those of us who are trying to work to make people aware of these potential pitfalls of all these wireless technologies. It makes it easier the next time that I make a video about 5G and I'm quoting new studies that might come out and asking the question, saying "I don't have all the answers, I'm not sure myself, but when I read this study I went 'holy crap, that sounds pretty bad'. We need to do more research on this stuff, we need a proper, long term study."

Immediately, people can say "Remember the 5G and Covid? You people are all just conspiracy theorists and you are the ones who were saying that we should burn down all the towers." Suddenly, the entire movement is immediately debunked simply because some people were trying to rationalise away a virus because it is a really stressful situation that raises all kinds of its own questions, as I mentioned earlier. In order to deal with all that they package it all up and say "5G! There you go! Case closed."

That doesn't do any favours to those of us who are trying to make people a little bit more aware and who are basically calling for less rushing to market with new technologies because we want to make money, and more actual safety studies. Not just studies, because there are many of those, but more acknowledgment of those studies and more research into how to make existing systems better and safer, which I don't think is impossible. I think it is probably fairly easy, if we invest the resources into doing that. That's what I wanted to say. What was your question?

Doug: I think you answered it. I was saying that I think that there is enough of a difference between 5G and the previous generations that would make people sit up and take notice and actually make that connection. I guess I was going off of your point, that all of these people who are freaking out about 5G causing Coronavirus, are ignoring all the previous electromagnetic stuff that we are saturated with. I was just saying that I think that the differences with 5G I can maybe understand why it might do that. If that makes sense.

Scottie: There are differences, there are rather dramatic differences. Earlier, I talked a little bit about how they are going to be using higher frequencies, not in all cases, in some cases. Current 4G systems sometimes use 1.7/1.8/1.9 GHz in some countries they use 2.4GHz which is the same frequency as certain flavours of Bluetooth and WiFi.

In some cases 5G will use those same frequencies that will be a slower flavour. Then, the type of modulation scheme they're using is going to be a little bit different. The studies that I quoted in my earlier YouTube videos talk about how it's the pulse nature of these digital signals that is potentially bad for our health.

Ok, we are going to have 5G and it is a different type of pulsing, to boil it down. What effect is that going to have? Well, we have to find out, or at least we should find out. On top of that you have the higher millimeter wave bands where you get up to 30/60GHz. These are much higher frequencies than have been widely deployed to date. On a massive scale, yes the military has been using some of these higher frequencies for various things, including 95GHz for their active denial system where it makes it feel like your skin is on fire. That's actually something that people were talking about. "They are going to use the 5G system for death rays". That's actually complicated because first of all it's 95GHz and the highest frequency that I am aware of is somewhere around 60GHz for 5G millimeter waves.

Yes, some of the new 5G systems are going to have highly steerable beams. The reason for that is that the radio waves of the higher frequencies propagate differently so in order to maintain a connection and in order to possibly have MIMO (multiple input/multiple output) you have two pencil beams that are shooting from the tower to your handset and you have got two channels instead of one. It's also for tracking individual phones, so to avoid interference and increased speed for everyone this is why they are doing this.

It's also true that power levels for 5G towers are allowed to be dramatically higher, but then even the power level thing is hairy because - I forget the term now. I talked about it in one of my videos. It's some highly technical term which means the total power that the tower is radiating if you took all the individual antennas and added the power level of their transmitters all together and if it was radiating in a sphere out from the tower. Something like that where it is useful to compare tower levels in a general sense. When we say 5G is going to transmit at higher power levels, it is. Actually it is not going to transmit in wide beams, but in very narrow beams much of the time.

Doesn't that mean it's like a death ray? Yeah, kind of. That actually should be concerning, but then when you are talking about the active denial system it's not 60GHz, it's 95GHz. At a specific frequency has specific effects on different structures in the body, so I don't know if 60GHz will have the same effect. Maybe it will have effects on oxygen for example. We'll find out.

Is it going to be able to be used as death rays? Even though power levels are higher, as far as I know, it's not high enough to actually do something like that. Then of course people argue that if you have 20 5G towers which are each shooting a pencil beam they can all focus on you and fry your brain. I don't know? These are things that you have to really know the nitty gritty details of how these 5G systems are working to know. We'll see.

Generally speaking, as far as I'm aware the power levels that are required to do something like an active denial thing are way, way, way lower. Even though 5G is higher than 4G it's a different kettle of fish. Even that gets complicated because there was an article I read from ages ago where they were using, I think, microwave frequency signals that they could focus, and if you focused it on a beam and modulated it in just the right way you could make the bones in someone's ear resonate and project voices into their head. You think that's totally crazy, and yet there was a declassified document which talked about exactly that. Could you do something like that with it? Well, sure! Is the government going to beam voices into our heads? I don't know. There are certain things that are possible that I can think about.

If you have 60GHz beams that are sweepable could you track people's movements better? Not just by the emissions from their smartphone, but could you use it as radar? If you could precisely control it and take over the whole system then I don't see why you couldn't if you are smart enough and you have a big enough budget.

I don't think a lot of these ideas are totally crazy, but to me is that really the thing you should be concerned about when you have all these other things such as studies coming out talking about millimeter waves and their effects on the body. It's not just one doctor, it's across the board. All kinds of different professions and levels of expertise are all saying it's concerning to them. That's on top of what we already know about 3G, 4G and WiFi. It's kind of a pickle.

Erica: it's almost like a constant muddying of the waters which we've talked about it in the past on the show, inundating people with these ideas and then running with it. Then, like you said Scottie, not focusing on the studies that have already been done on wireless technology in general. Then, doing your part and getting an ethernet, not having your phone on all the time and using a landline. They are just going with the fear mongering and scariness. Then to throw the Coronavirus in there too and let people run with it, almost to see how people respond. Like it's a test.

I noticed the same thing was happening with chemtrails. "The immune system is being broken down since they have been spraying the chemtrails". That's when you say ok just turn off the TV or the computer and walk away for a minute and then come back. I'm so glad you're on here because for someone like me, I don't have a lot of technical information at all and you help explain it in such a way that makes it understandable. It helps me to not freak out and say "Aah, the sky is falling! The 5G radar is pointed right at me and it's going to give me the Covid-19 if I don't behave!" {Laughter}

Scottie: Like I said in my 5G virus video, I actually got freaked out about the virus. One day it's like *singing* "la, la, la, la" and you are skipping along like you're a smurf or something and then suddenly it's like "Oh my God, we're shutting down the planet because there is a deadly virus and everyone is going to die." How could you not freak out?

The fearmonger that is going on! Again, I personally know people on both sides of the equation. I personally know people who are healthcare workers. They're health heros and are literally taking care of Covid patients and they are utterly terrified. They're not actually paying any attention to the statistics. I think one of the recent ones I came across was that Australia had 160,000 people die a year and only 83 have died with Covid-19. They're locking down the whole country and you are saying "Hang on a minute! More people die in your country every year." I know the mainstream-health-hero side of the people I know would argue that it's the lockdown that prevented that.

Well, then you can look at other countries like Sweden who didn't have a lockdown. You have to actually dig into it. When you are a person in that situation where you're literally terrified for your life because you're trying to help people who have this virus, then you can understand. They're allowed to freak out, right?

On the other side of the equation I personally know people who say "All of the hospitals are empty and my country completely stopped testing anyone and the tests they were using aren't even antibody tests. They could detect any number of Coronaviruses. It's not even accurate. Why is the whole country locked down? We're destroying the economy for nothing. The elderly people are being left to fend for themselves. It's horrible. Heart disease, stroke."

They're also freaking out but for a different reason. Like I said, I also wigged out a bit but you have to stop and go "Right, okay, I'm still here, I'm still alive. What's actually going on here?" Then look at numbers and statistics, try to get the big picture. Part of that is that 5G is potentially way worse than 4G. How much worse? Like I said, that's hard to say because we can't even really say for sure what WiFi, 3G and 4G are going to do because the kids who have been subjected to it 24-7 are only 10 or 11 years old right now. I don't want to see that eight years down the road that suddenly there is a preponderance of crazy illnesses or something, and I don't even have kids.

Is 5G worse? Yes, it has the potential to be as far as I can tell and as far as other people who are smarter than me who are doing studies. I myself am not an expert in 5G or even telecommunications. Yes, I did my degree in it and I understand this stuff a lot better than most people, but to be a real expert in something is kind of like being a brain surgeon. You really have to understand all the nitty gritty details. With wireless systems like 5G that isn't easy to do because you have people who design the box of equipment that goes to the tower and then you have people whose entire specialty is understanding radio waves and how they propagate. You have people whose entire specialty is designing antennas.

In a sense the information is compartmentalized and to really fully understand it you need doctors and physicists and normally we just have companies saying "Hey we want to sell this technology" and the SEC is waving their hands and going "Yeah, yeah, it's great, it's wonderful. Have you done any studies?" and they go "no", "ok, whatever. Just sell it".

Erica: "We'll find out later what happens."

Scottie: But that's crazy. I don't really consider myself an expert in these things but I consider myself someone who hopefully will keep a cool head and say "Yes, I'm afraid of this and I'm afraid of that, but I'm going to try to look at things as objectively as I can and share information". That's why in most of my videos I'm not making any hard and fast conclusions. I'm trying to get people to ask questions because very often people post comments and they say "Hey, did you hear about this study?" or "Did you read this article?" and I'll go "Ooh, wow! I didn't know that!" It's like a community where we are all sharing information. To me that's kinda nifty.

As for people freaking out and fear mongering, I just had a comment, actually this morning. Somebody watched my 5G is Just the Tip of the Iceberg Video - the one I published two years ago - and left a curt little comment "You're ridiculous, you're just fear mongering. Blah, blah, blah." I had to reply, I couldn't help myself, I had to reply and said "Have you actually watched the news lately?" {laughter}

Here I am just saying there are scientific studies by doctors and physicists in multiple countries, thousands of studies and they're all looking at different aspects of our current wireless technologies and our future wireless technologies and they're saying "Look, this is concerning to me. It has this effect, that effect. It might make men sterile or it might affect your DNA, it might do this, it might do that". We are in the middle of a frickin pandemic and nobody can agree on where the virus came from or how it came into being." And you're going "Yeah, but certainly maybe that wireless stuff that we have been exposed to for years already may be weakening the immune system in people. Maybe only in certain people, maybe not in all people, but then why? Why those people but not these people?" There are lots of questions, and all I'm trying to do is ask questions and say "What's the answer? I have these questions and this concerns me and maybe it should concern you to, and that's pretty much it."

I can't say for sure that you can't use 5G as a death ray. {laughter} I suppose if you got the antennas together and focused them into one little tight beam then you might be able to boil someone's brain or something. It would probably require a lot of antennas and people would be pissed off because they wouldn't have their super fast 5G download speed. Can you imagine if they took over all the 5G antennas in New York to fry someone's brain? How many people would be pissed off because they can't use Whassapp or TikTok or whatever the kids these days use?

Erica: Snapchat.

Scottie: Snapchat and Instagram. They wouldn't be able to post any selfies! There'd be a revolution!

Erica: I guess that's my question, why do we even need 5G? I don't know about you guys, but I can stream this video and I can listen to my music and watch my Netflix. Why the push to keep going further and further? If you don't know, I'm just asking a question.

Scottie: That's actually a good question, because of the internet of things which is basically sales and marketing. I would say that in a large city of course you have to have a lot of bandwidth for a lot of users. The more users you have - and it's going up all the time - and the more content they're consuming then the more bandwidth you need to have which means you have to keep on installing more and more systems. Of course, everyone is always looking for something better and faster.

To actually decide on a system like 5G and go "Right, we are going to instal 200 times more antennas everywhere" which obviously cost a lot of money, they are obviously going to pass that cost onto the consumer somehow, and you have a shrinking middle class and an economy that's not doing so well, smartphone sales are not what they used to be. Is everyone going to run out and buy a new 5G phone? Probably not, definitely not now. So where did this push come from?

As far as I can tell, it's basically because of this idea of the internet of things where we're going to have everything internet connected. Your carton of eggs? Internet connected. {laughter} Your washing machine? Internet connected. The pair of socks you are wearing? Internet connected. It's all going to happen due to 5G. {laughter} Wait, why do I need to have internet connected socks? Did anyone ask me if I wanted internet connected socks? All the people I've talked to about this ask "What is this internet of things?" they don't even know. Every tech article on every tech website that I read, they're talking about it as if everyone knows that this is the wonderful future and everything is going to be internet connected and it'll all be wireless. If you have to water flowers in your yard each little sprinkler that you hook up isn't going to be a sprinkler any more. You are going to hook it up to the garden hose and it's going to have a little battery in it and a wireless transmitter and moisture sensors and it's going to detect the moisture of your yard and automatically water better and wirelessly connect to everything.

Do Google and Amazon want to know how much water I am using now? How is that useful in terms of marketing data? It's even beyond the whole thing where you've got your smartphone sitting on the table at dinner and you talk about how you need a new pair of socks and when you get home you hop on your laptop and you surf and it's showing you sock advertisements.

The internet of things is way beyond that. It's not just smart speakers and smart cameras. Everything is going to be internet connected. It's talked about as if it's this wonderful thing like it's going to create a utopia. I don't really know who came up with that idea and why they thought it was good, but that's what actually seems to be driving the 5G thing, in addition to people in big cities wanting more bandwidth, for example. But the big thing seems to be the whole internet of things and it's an utter mystery to me who came up with that idea and why they're pushing it so hard. Obviously they want to sell more stuff, but I don't know anyone who wants to buy it. I don't know many people who have the money to buy all that stuff. From that perspective it is kind of interesting.

The other thing is that 5G is going to roll out very slowly. I live in a rural area in Southwestern France and they said that we might get 5G three or four years from now. We were the last place on planet earth to get 4G because there are farmers everywhere. Plus, they're running fibre all over the country, including to where I live which is utterly insane. We're going to have high speed fibre internet. That's pretty good right? Do farmers want 5G enabled smartphones? No, they just want to call their family and say "The sprinkler is broken."

Erica: It's funny you say that Scottie. I was reading somewhere, I think it was in GreenMedInfo, where they were talking about 5G being used in agriculture, just what you were saying - measuring water levels, soil, condensation and parasites. I was wondering if it was to eventually replace the hands-on workforce of people on the farm? They showed a picture of a 5G meter in the middle of a crop. The farmer doesn't even need to go out there anymore because all the data is constantly being sent back to his smartphone, like you were saying. The observation part of being a farmer and learning how to tell what's going on everyday is basically replaced by the technology.

Scottie: That's interesting. I did read an article about exactly that and thought it was curious. My question would be how many farmers would want that sort of thing? {laughter} Part of being a framer is that you're a farmer, man. You go out there and you walk your land and you put your hand in the soil. It's like the kind of thing where you scoop your hand in the dirt and you sniff it and you know the last time it rained and if the moisture of the soil is perfect. Growing food and crops is almost like an artform. To take all that and flush it down the toilet in favour of sensors? I could see that in commercial farming. In many places commercial farming is crushing the little guy, which is unfortunate. For commercial farming, sure, but I don't know any farmers who would get that, especially with the cost involved.

Doug: To go back to something you were saying earlier about that comment that was on your video basically calling you a quack more or less, about the whole 5G thing. I don't know the whole 5G and Coronavirus was done on purpose as a way of debunking the whole concern about 5G. I think the fact that two years after you did a video, you're getting a comment like that shows how polarising it's starting to get already, that it's working. Now, anybody who is bringing up any kind of concern about 5G is going to be grouped in with the quacks who were saying it caused Coronavirus.

I'm already starting to see debunking articles about how 5G is completely safe. They just dismiss any concern whatsoever about it. The whole hooking up with the Coronavirus thing and saying it causes Coronavirus, just makes it all that much easier for those people to be believed when they say that it is absolutely 100% safe and anyone who says otherwise is a kook and is crazy. I think that's very unfortunate. It's effective mind programming in a sense.

Scottie: It's actually doubly effective because you're in the middle of this Coronavirus thing and not only is it making people think that anyone who raises any concerns about 5G is a lunatic, you have that aspect. Then you have the other aspect where, for those people who buy into "5G is the cause for everything including the death of Jesus", it's taking them and derailing them off in this direction and preventing them from asking any more reasonable questions about what's actually going on outside their front door.

It serves multiple purposes and that's why I decided to make that video. I made that 5G/virus one and I thought "Aah, they are just going to take it down right away", and I was surprised they left it up. Then, I understood why they left it up. They actually remonetised it which I suppose was nice. Most of the comments on there are people telling me that I'm crazy and saying "No,, you really need to look into this more. It's all about oxygen." Like I said before, maybe there is some effect there. What is that effect? I get concerned about wireless stuff when I read studies about it, so show me a study that talks about that aspect of it.

Many people considered me to be crazy because they say things like "power levels matter" and of course power levels do matter, but then one of the studies I quoted in one of my videos says that power levels a thousand times lower than a bluetooth wireless mouse, a thousand times weaker, had health effects. That's such an infinitesimally small power level that it's basically saying that there is something we don't understand about the laws of physics in terms of electromagnetic fields and radio waves because it's such a tiny, tiny power level, how could that have any effect on the body? Yet, there it was in this study.

So then I'm curious and I'm going "Hey, that's interesting." But, most people are going "Don't question the laws of physics!" I'm like "Yeah! Question the laws of physics!" {laughter} That's how we learn things. That's how we progress. That just boils down to that it's comfortable to believe what the authorities tell us and blah, blah, blah. I'm more of a free thinker I guess. My whole thing is to get bits of data and think about it and ask questions and try to find an answer. I'm perfectly happy to say that with all the studies that I've quoted in my videos, maybe there's more information out there that I'll come across eventually that shows it's perfectly safe.

I don't think so, because there is a doctor in the UK - I can't remember her name now, Dr. Erica something-or-other - who had a YouTube video which I put on the ScottiesTech.info Facebook page. The thing was over an hour long and she quoted study after study after study after study after study after study that they did that showed all kinds of effects. It's interesting because it doesn't affect everyone. That's a common thing. People say "I've had WiFi forever and I carry my smartphone like duct taped to my head and I'm perfectly healthy". Yes, maybe you are because maybe you're genetically superior or something. Maybe you have a super good diet or there is something about your lifestyle that makes you stronger and more immune." Maybe for people who swear that every time they're on WiFi they have tinnitus or something, there are studies talking about how that is a definite physical effect, that tinnitus can be caused by that.

One woman wrote to me and said "Oh my God, thank you! I'm so happy to actually read that because everyone always tells me that I'm crazy". Then someone else will come along and say "You're crazy! You crazy old bag! The same thing doesn't happen to me." It's complicated, man! It's only by asking questions that we are going to actually get to the core of anything. The last thing we want to do, especially now, is to fight. I post things on my personal Facebook page where I am asking questions about statistics, like in Australia or from these California doctors. Saying look at the numbers here, look at the deaths with Covid versus flu deaths where I live. There is no comparison!

There's just this huge divide now. It's like "No! You're evil. You want everyone to die!" No, I don't want everybody to die! That just pulls everybody apart. Then, you've got the 5G thing and "No, 5G death rays!" and "No, 5G is good!" and that splits people apart. It's like the whole republican versus democrat and the Trump crowd versus the anti-Trump crowd. Everything is just this insane level of division. I just want to ask questions, man! Is that so wrong? {laughter}

Doug: No!

Erica: Were you always that inquisitive child?

Scottie: When I was in third grade, I was invited to this thing called Private Discovery where you go to 4th, 5th and 6th grade for gifted children, whatever that means. I remember we were on summer vacation the summer after the year I was in 3rd grade, and I was freaking out because I was like "Oh my God, what if everyone there is smarter than me?" I drove my mother completely insane because I asked her everything like "What kind of tree is that? Why are the leaves green? What about this? What about that?" and I drove her completely bonkers. Maybe I was a little nuts. {laughter} I think we can say that yes, I have always asked lots and lots of questions.

Doug: I think that's a good thing. I think if we were going to sum everything up it's that 5G is bad, but it's not causing the Coronavirus.

Scottie: It's like 3G, 4G and WiFi, how bad is it? Do we want to wait another 10 years to find out how really bad it is, or do we want to just pay attention to these studies now and then get everybody to work together - oh my God, what a concept! Stop the division and get everyone from various countries to work together, forget about all the political nonsense and pull all the data and see what you can figure out. If there's a way to make it safer, make it safer. Before you roll 5G out everywhere when there are people with valid, published, scientific concerns, then stop calling each other names and get it sorted out. I realise that we don't live in an ideal world, but is it really that hard to do? It shouldn't be.

Doug: It shouldn't be, but I think it's next to impossible.

Scottie: Until then, people ask "What can I do?" and I tell them that they don't need to be carrying a smartphone around with them all the time. If you are carrying a phone around with you then turn it off. If every neighbour around you in an apartment complex has WiFi don't have WiFi yourself. Sure, their WiFi may be coming through the walls but cumulative exposure has been shown to be bad and the less cumulative exposure you have the better off you are.

People will write to me and say "I've got three neighbours and they have got the WiFi going!" Right, you can't escape that, but you can escape having your own on top of that and having your smartphone next to your head on the nightstand transmitting and downloading Instagram or Whassapp updates all night long. You don't need to have an internet enabled car with WiFi and Bluetooth and a high speed internet connection and all that kind of stuff.

Then, there are other things that you can't really do anything about. If you're surrounded by WiFi transmitters then you can't really do anything about that, but you minimise it in other ways. You can ensure that you have a good die. You can ensure that you are not taking any pharmaceuticals that you don't absolutely have to take. You can exercise regularly. You can detox. There are all kinds of things you can do for your health to strengthen your body, strengthen your immune system and hopefully that will compensate for any exposure that you do have and then minimize your exposure on top of that. If you can send your kids to a school that doesn't have WiFi, and use ethernet at home, that's great.

Another thing that people talked about in response to my 5G videos was "Yeah, but it's got to be 5G for Covid-19 because of satellite-based 5G." Yeah, they are planning on launching a total of 40,000 satellites and they're going to be in much lower orbit than traditional internet satellites but to date they've only launched 365 satellites or something. Eventually there are going to be a tonne of them up there and they're going to be bombarding the whole earth. What effect is that going to have? Probably not a good one, but we are not there yet so you can't really blame the virus on that because they're not even up there yet.

There are things that you can't do anything about. You can even look into materials you can use to shield your house if you want to. If possible, move to a rural area. Where I live there are a couple of neighbours far away that are in farming country. Cell phone signals barely penetrate the walls of the house. I live in a wired Eden because there is no wireless to speak of. I'm kinda lucky, but I still think about it and I ask "Do I really need to take my dumphone with me? Do I really need to have this thing on right now?" When you're driving in your car - in France you have to do the hands-free thing, you can't hold the phone up to your ear - so if the car has Bluetooth it's got to be wirelessly connected if somebody is trying to reach you, blah, blah, blah. That is exposing you to 2.4GHz inside a metal can i.e., the car.

That's probably not good for you, but sometimes I can't avoid it so I try and find other ways to stay healthy and to detox, have a healthy diet and stop eating plastic food, sugar and so far it's worked pretty well. Ultimately, I could say here I am concerned about all this wireless stuff and then there is a crazy virus that goes around who knows what's going to happen tomorrow?

You try to be healthy in all possible ways and I think part of that should be minimising your exposure to wireless technologies unless it's absolutely necessary and/or until we know for sure how bad it actually is, possibly even for you specifically. Beyond that? Who knows what's going to happen tomorrow. Tomorrow could be something even crazier than the virus and lockdown. If this lockdown doesn't cause some sort of economic chaos I would be very, very surprised. There are food production plants shutting down and people are talking about food shortages. Well, if you can't eat, 5G is the least of your worries! {laughter} I also like to keep some perspective about things.

Erica: For a moment there I thought you said that you can't eat 5G. Not yet!

Scottie: You might be able to with the internet of things, because they may have a broccoli with a 5G transmitter in it and if you eat it then it will track your guts or something.

Doug: That sounds handy.

Scottie: Yummy. You'll get a little instant message on your phone saying "your digestion is disrupted".

Erica: "Dial 5 for 'flush.'" {laughter}

Scottie: Let's hope we don't get there.

Doug: Yeah, let's hope so. I don't want to see what 6G is going to be like.

Scottie: They're supposedly already working on that.

Doug:Oh my God.

Scottie: It'll take a while for 5G to roll out and I'm not even convinced it will get to a lot of places because, like I said, when you shut down the world for two months and then you try to restart everyone's jobs and making money and so many people have lost their jobs, I'm guessing there are going to be some surprises along the way. I'm not sure where that vast quantities of money required are going to come from to fund a lot of these 5G networks. Again, you've already got 5G, you've got WiFi and everything else so we'll see.

Doug: That was great Scottie, thanks very much for joining us today.

Erica: Thank you, you're always a wealth of helpful information.

Scottie: Thanks for having me, it was fun being on. Hopefully I said something useful.

Doug: I think there was a lot that was useful actually. Thanks everybody for joining us today. Be sure to "like" and subscribe if you want to. Be sure to join us again for another episode of Objective Health. We will talk to you soon. Bye everybody.