France doctors quit

Medical administrators and physicians hold a press conference to announce the mass resignation
About 1,200 French doctors working in public hospitals have announced their intention to collectively resign from administrative posts if the French Minister of Health does not start negotiations on the budget and salaries of hospital staff. They said so in an open letter, published on Monday January 13 in the publication Liberation.

"The hospital system must be reformed, but it is impossible to carry out a major reform without investing", underline authors of the letter, including more than 600 heads of departments from different hospitals.

French doctors are "deeply disappointed" by the urgent hospital reform plan presented on November 20 by French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe. According to their estimates, hospitals are short of 600 million euros in addition to the 200 million euros allocated by the authorities in 2020. Doctors are also demanding salary increases and a review of hospital funding and management.

"We are aware that shortcomings or mistakes of the past cannot be corrected in two years, but there is an urgent need to act. The deterioration in working conditions has reached such a level that it raises the question of quality of care and threatens patient safety, "the statement said.

Liberation calls the action of French doctors "historic." "Never before have French hospital doctors organized such a confrontation with the authorities to protest the daily difficulties," the publication notes.

Protests by employees of French hospitals have continued in recent months. "This is a political gesture explaining that we doctors can no longer continue like this, - quotes Professor Le Monde Andre Grimaldi, who initiated this action. "This is the last battle, one of the last cartridges left by public hospitals."