Hong Kong
© Reuters / Laurel Chor
Protesters vandalize a store in the neighbourhood of Hung Hom in Hong Kong, China December 1, 2019.
A Hongkonger nearly lost his life when an angry protester struck him on the head with a metal drain cover as he attempted to remove one of many barricades erected during anti-government unrest in the city.

The video, filmed on Saturday night, shows several masked protesters confronting a 53-year-old man who attempts to clear a roadblock outside the Prince Edward railway station in Mong Kok. The man takes out his phone, apparently to film the assailants, when one of them suddenly strikes him on the head with the metal cover. The attacker promptly flees the scene, while the bloodied victim falls and loses consciousness for several seconds.

The man later managed to regain his senses as he was being treated for injuries. He was admitted to a hospital and discharged. Police said his phone was stolen and reiterated that they "absolutely do not tolerate anyone who uses violence to achieve any goals."

Violent protesters were previously filmed scuffling with volunteers who were trying to remove makeshift barricades, and hurled stones and petrol bombs at them. Last month, a 70-year-old street cleaner was killed after being hit with a brick, reportedly thrown by a masked rioter.