India has an extensive economic, military, and strategic relationship with Israel. Tel Aviv is the second largest supplier of military equipment to New Delhi after Russia.
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Amid continuous airstrikes by the Israel Defense Force (IDF) on Gaza over the past few days, a massive number of Indians are expressing their solidarity with Israel while tweeting with the hashtag #IndiawithIsrael and #IndiaStandWithIsrael.

People including some prominent faces in Indian social circles claimed that all Indians must express their support for Israel, as the Jewish nation has always stood behind India during every crisis.

"Time to stand with Israel and IDF. Pray for the safety of citizens of Israel", Anshul Saxena, who describes himself as news junkie, tweeted.

Expressing fury against human right activists, he said over 200 rockets were fired by terrorists towards Israel but no one raised their voice against these strikes.

A similar sentiment was also echoed by politician Kapil Mishra: "Time to stand strongly with Israel ".

Most netizens have been saying that the only way to destroy terrorists is to fight like Israel.

​Israeli Ambassador to India Ron Malka thanked the people of India while saying, "You proved that #indiawithisrael and #IndiaStandsWithIsrael is more than words. We love you all".