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Surely this means World War?

Last week's attack by Israel on Syria was the most extensive since the Yom Kippur (Arab-Israeli) War of 1973. Allegedly taking out 'almost all Iranian military infrastructure in Syria', the Israelis claimed a great victory against their nemesis, Iran, which means its allegedly nefarious designs on the region were 'set back years'.

This latest flashpoint in the Syrian theater of war coincided with two other noteworthy events: Israeli PM Netanyahu's visit to Moscow as Putin's guest of honor at the annual (WW2) Victory Day Parade, and President Trump's big announcement that the US is reneging on the Iran Deal.

The former has people wondering if Putin has 'taken Israel's side' - or even, gasp, that he was a crypto-Zionist all along! - while the latter has European leaders doubling down on their commitment to trading with Iran and openly plotting about how to circumvent US sanctions.

On this week's episode of Behind the Headlines, editors Joe Quinn & Niall Bradley discussed the apparent launch of direct Israel-Iran confrontation and Trump's 'Art of The Iran no-Deal'...

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