© Shannon Stapleton / Reuters
Remember the laundry list of Hollywood celebrities who threatened to leave the country in the event of a Donald Trump presidency? Among those on the list were Samuel L. Jackson, Lena Dunham, Cher, Miley Cyrus, Amy Schumer, Chelsea Handler, among countless others. It's questionable what they were thinking, because, quite frankly, their empty threats were among the top reasons to vote for Trump.

While I voted for the man on policy (the wall, lower taxes, fighting illegal immigration, etc.), surely a "Deport Lena Dunham" bill would be a popular policy. It was painfully obvious at the time, but no celebrities followed through on their hyperbolic threat to leave. For as much as they'll mock the "Make America Great Again" slogan, America has always been great for them, and they know that, just like you and I, there's no where else they could live better.

That was until this week. While speaking at the Women's March, Madonna infamously informed the crowd that she fantasizes about blowing up the White House. Thankfully, she'll be no place close to the White House. The star singer just announced she left the U.S. for Lisbon, Portugal. Check out her Instagram announcement:

madonna moves to Portugal
I don't know about you, but I consider this a promise kept. Now if only the rest of the crybaby celebrities who threatened to leave would pack up their bags, we'd go a long way toward making America great again.

Don't you agree?