President Donald Trump
Over 70% of people polled online by CNN say President Trump should not be investigated for obstruction of justice...because not one person can properly explain what exactly Trump was obstructing.

Loretta Lynch and Hillary Clinton on the other hand did obstruct James Comey from pressing forward with his investigation into HRC's email scandal.

The alt-right trolls from Macedonia, funded by Russia, must have influenced this CNN online poll.

Here is a link to the online CNN poll, which was yet another major fail for the Clinton News Network.

The Gateway Pundit reports...
After months of attacks on President Trump and daily conspiracy theories CNN must be very upset with the results from their latest online poll.

CNN asked, "Should Trump be investigated for obstruction of justice?"

Note: They did not even show enough respect to call him 'President Trump.'

To their chagrin, OVER 70% of 2.6 million Americans say he is innocent the crime.