Pakistan earth crack
© YouTube/City51 TV (screen capture)
A gigantic earth fissure opened up in Qila Abdullah following the recent downpours in Balochistan, Pakistan. The unprecedented crack spans several hundred miles sparking panic among the local residents.

After huge fissures were recently discovered in Arizona, Antarctica and South Africa, another large earth crack has formed after recent heavy rain in Pakistan's Balochistan Province.

This is the longest known crack in and around Quila Abdullah, spanning several hundred miles and sparking panic among local residents.

Other cracks in Balochistan?

Earth fissures are not unusual for this geologically amazing region. In this region of Pakistan, the Indo-Pakistan portion of the Indian-Australian plate rubs its shoulder against the Afghan portion of the Eurasian plate. A dangerous stretched zone!

This creates the Ornach-Nal and Chaman fault tracks exceptionally prominent at places on the surface, similarly to the San Andres fault in California.

Our Earth is cracking apart!