mysterious crack in Colombia
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What started with a small fissure in early 2015 is today a giant mysterious earth crack nearly a kilometer in length that crosses the village of Aponte, Colombia. The crack has caused enormous damage to roads and houses in the village of Aponte in Nariño. At least 210 families are affected by this geological anomaly.

The gigantic crack is growing and devastating Aponte, Colombia, but nobody knows its origin.

The unexplained crack in the ground is 1,200 meters long and 50 centimeters wide. At some points its depth reaches up to four meters.

The enormous crack has caused large damage to roads in Nariño. Only in Aponte 170 houses are cracked and have to be evacuated.

At least 210 families are currently affected by the growing fissure.

mysterious crack in Colombian house
© Harold Cordoba via RCN Radio
Since December 2015, ten families are monitoring the changes along the crack.

Results show that since December 24th the the fissure increases by 20 to 50 millimeters.

Some days, rumblings similar to wind blowing out of the ground are heard. On such days, the separation sometimes reach one centimeter.

An engineering battalion was sent by Bogota to investigate the failure.

According to the ancient Inga indians living on that ancestral land, Earth is looking for ways to draw attention to the damage it is currently suffering.

Watch the crack on this video by Miguel Córdoba... Terrifying:

The Indian village is about to disappear and there is no immediate solution in sight. Terrible!