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It is now obvious that the Clinton Foundation's primary function was always as a shell organization to facilitate the exchange of money for favors.

It seems that among the few certainties in life, along with death and taxes, is the inevitability of a political scandal involving at least one member of the Clinton family. Just as certain as the scandals themselves are the inevitable denials, obfuscations and absurdist attempts to change the subject which follow in their wake. So it comes as no surprise that, after easily the worst week of her campaign thus far, Clinton is attempting to throw a giant red herring into the news cycle by floating the specter of an insidious and vast, "Alt-Right" conspiracy within the Trump campaign.

Indeed, as things presently stand she desperately needs to have the media pivot off of its recent focus on the transparently corrupt dealings of the Clinton Foundation. Even traditionally die hard liberals are now openly calling for her to end her association with the Foundation. This may have to do with the fact that it is now obvious that the foundation's primary function was always as a shell organization to facilitate the exchange of money for favors, quite literally the selling of influence. These revelations are extremely damaging to a candidate that is already profoundly mistrusted by the majority of the American electorate.

Being no strangers to scandal, the Clinton's have long perfected the art of the misdirection. During the height of the Monica Lewinsky scandal in 1998, Bill Clinton ordered a strike on several targets of convenience, including a pharmaceutical plant in Sudan, which resulted not only in the murder of plant employees but also managed to destroy what was then one of the only plants producing life-saving medicines in the entire country. To this date, Clinton has not been brought to justice for these murders, murders which served as nothing more than a useful distraction for him in the news cycle.

Hillary herself is no stranger to such cynicism, though fortunately as of yet she has not held an office which would enable her to express this cynicism in bloodshed as her husband did. During the same year, 1998, Hillary blamed the Lewinsky scandal, a scandal which was entirely the making of her husband's own predatory sexual proclivities, on a "Vast-Right Wing Conspiracy". This attempt at misdirection, of course, was an utterly fatuous and paranoid lie, but one which was still delivered with the deadpan seriousness of a seasoned con artist.

The same tone of paranoia and deceit was on display during her Thursday speech on the "Alt-Right", a movement which exists almost entirely on the internet and whose ideology is mostly concerned with halting illegal immigration and putting an end to America's present, bellicose and destructive foreign policy. The fact that Donald Trump has occasionally retweeted individuals who personally hold un-politically correct opinions on various topics has, at least according to Clinton's logic, implicated him as the leader of an evil Neo-Nazis plot to destroy America.

Comment: Clinton also took an easy shot at 'Alt Right' blowhard Alex Jones. The only reason Clinton will even bother to mention Jones (and not any of her credible, serious critics) is because he is such a tar baby. If you want to watch two disgusting human beings trade insults at each other, follow the link. (The one thing Jones has in his favor is that a lot of what he says in response is true.)

The absurdities didn't end there; she even went on to claim that the "godfather" of this nefarious scheme was none other than Russia's President Vladimir Putin, who is supposedly pulling the strings of this secret plot from his subterranean lair beneath the Kremlin. The irony here, of course, being that it is, in fact, Clinton and her allies that are presently supporting actual Neo-Nazis in their criminal war against the people of the Donbass. A fact which seemed lost on both the American Press and her credulous crowd of supporters.

What is presently known as the Alt-Right may very well morph into a viable political force in U.S. politics in the coming years, especially in light of the complete implosion of the Republican Party. But in spite of the occasionally extreme rhetoric which emanates from some of the Alt-Right's more ironic and iconoclastic Twitter accounts, what the members of the Alt-Right desire, ultimately, is little more than an updated version of the common-sense American Nationalism which was advocated by the likes of Pat Buchanan in the 1990's.

Comment: This description avoids the fact that for many the 'Alt Right' is a reaction to the predatory nature of Western elites, but a reaction that has been infused with pathological elements like Islamophobia and anti-immigrant rhetoric. As we see across the Western world, many 'Alt Right' or 'Far Right' followers are vectored into scapegoating, xenophobia, and violence, adding to the chaos created by psychopaths like Hillary Clinton in positions of power.

Clinton is a dangerously corrupt individual who is desperately in search of a way to draw the Media's attention away from her own criminal misdeeds. Clinton and her team earnestly hope the Media will stop exposing her own corruption and instead begin checking beneath their beds for any signs of the "Vast Alt-Right Conspiracy." The news Media very well may oblige her and set off in chase of the rare and elusive Alt-Right wild goose, let us just hope the American people are not as easily taken in by Clinton's paranoid rhetoric.