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© Brendan Smialowski/Reuters'Thanks for doing what we tell you, Abadi!' 'No problem, Master Kerry!'
Watch the following video from RT, which includes a clip from Secretary of State John Kerry's joint press statement with Saudi Foreign Minister Saud al-Faisal on September 11 in Saudi Arabia. The trip to Saudi Arabia followed Kerry's 'surprise' visit to Baghdad the day before, where newly installed (puppet) Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi called for the international community "to act immediately to stop the spread of this cancer [IS/ISIS/ISIL]." Who exactly is Iraq's new prime minister?

Minister of communications in the post-invasion Iraqi government for 2003-2004, Abadi has served in various posts since then, and has been deputy leader of the Islamic Dawa Party since 2007. Prior to returning to Iraq in 2003 he had spent at least the last 25 years in 'voluntary exile' in the UK being groomed by her Majesty's finest for his future role in post Saddam Iraq.

Pay attention to Kerry's words, in response to the Abadi's request for help in dealing with IS.

He says:
"The government of Iraq has invited the United States of America and asked for help. It has asked for help from the United States; it has asked for help from its neighbors, from other countries in the region. And under international law, when a country is invaded and a country invites somebody to come in and help them, we have every right in the world to respond to that request."
Sounds reasonable, right?

Of course, if a country is invaded by a gang of bloodthirsty psychopaths, they should be able to ask for help, and other countries should be able to help. There are at least three things wrong with Kerry's statement here, however.

First of all, he's paying lip service to international law when it's convenient for him and the U.S. government to do so, but the U.S. completely ignores international law when it's not. As the video makes clear, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has most certainly not asked for U.S. 'help' bombing Syria. Any U.S. actions there will not only be unwanted, they'll be blatantly illegal, like the vast majority of 'help' the U.S. offers countries, i.e. bombs, murder and chaos. Speaking of which, who invaded Saddam's Iraq? Were Iraqis begging to be bombed back to the Stone Age when the U.S. 'shocked and awed' the people of Iraq, leading to hundreds of thousands of deaths? Recall that other classic idiotic remark from Kerry in an interview with NBC's Meet the Press on March 2nd of this year: "You just don't invade another country on phony pretext in order to assert your interests." Right. Look in the mirror.

Second, how serious should we take a request for foreign intervention from a government essentially created and installed by the very powers that destroyed the country in the first place, and supported and funded the 'threat' they're being asked to eliminate?! In other words, the U.S. invades and occupies Iraq, sets up a puppet regime ('democracy'), funds the 'moderate' rebels that will become ISIS, then receives a 'request' from one of their Western tools in the new government to help contain said terror group, which just so happens to be running rampant in another country they've had their sights on for some time: Syria. I know we here at Sott.net tend to use the term "puppet government" quite a lot, but is there any more applicable term here? After all, a puppeteer uses his puppet to ask the questions that the puppeteer wants to answer. Is that not precisely what the the warmongers in the US government are doing with the new Iraqi Prime Minister who, incidentally, they effectively appointed? The short version of the conversation goes something like this:
US Government: Psst! Iraqi PM! Call a press conference tomorrow and ask us to 'help you out against ISIL' and we'll let you stay in power.

Iraqi PM: Ok! What time?
I have to agree with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, who recently said: "There are reasons to suspect that air strikes on Syrian territory may target not only areas controlled by Islamic State militants, but the government troops may also be attacked on the quiet to weaken the positions of Bashar Assad's army."

Third, Kerry, obviously thinks this principle only applies to his 'exceptional' America. Say a country's government is toppled by a foreign-funded and foreign-directed coup d'etat. The new government just happens to contain certifiable neo-Nazis, who then take it upon themselves to start murdering civilians in regions of said country who have held referendums declaring independence from the fascist, coup-installed regime. Surely the representatives of said regions have the right to ask for international help defending themselves from fascism and ethnic cleansing, right, not to mention receiving humanitarian aid in the form of medicine and food?

Well, no, not exactly, according to Kerry and his ilk.

This is exactly what happened in Ukraine, and the People's Republics of Donetsk and Lugansk have repeatedly expressed their need and request for military support from their cultural brethren in Russia. But Russia has been hindered in the support it can give. Even their humanitarian mission has been attacked as too provocative and called a pretext for invasion, or even an actual invasion. Volunteers crossing the border to help fight the fascists? Invasion! Hell, if we were to believe the Ukrainian and Western media, Russia has invaded Ukraine dozens of times in the past several months. You'd think they have more to show for it!

Not only can the Russians not offer military support (which would be labelled an 'invasion' by Kiev and practically every other Western nation); Kiev, the U.S. and NATO have even gone so far has to simply fabricate evidence of fictional Russian 'invasions'. Most recently, NATO released blurry satellite images alleged to be 'self-propelled artillery batteries'. I don't know, but they look more like combine harvesters in some random, unidentified field to me! This is the extent of their 'proof'.
NATO combine harvesters
combine harvester
From Russia with love.
The Russians are coming! The Russians are coming! A fleet of Russian self-propelled artillery combine harvesters, close to the Ukrainian border.
Haven't NATO and the U.S. State Department heard of Google Maps?
help nato
Sometimes they don't even present any evidence! We're just supposed to take their word for it.

On a sane planet, the world would be rushing to provide assistance to the people of Novorossiya (Donetsk and Lugansk). There would be no objection to Russia sending whatever military aid they required: advisers, troops, weapons. So yeah, Kerry is right. If a people are invaded by foreign-financed, psychopathic Nazis, they have the right to ask for help. Novorossiya has the right to ask for help, and Russia has the right to provide it. The latest ceasefire has been a farce, and Kiev shows no signs that it intends on abiding by it. So while the war whores in Washington press for bombing Iraq and Syria, against an enemy they created, remember Novorossiya. And let's just hope that Russia can intervene before Kiev strips them of all their rights, their freedom, and their lives.