Colorado Springs police are asking the public to return any money they might have received from a man they say is a bank robber who handed out stolen money in a hotel lobby.

Police arrested David Anderson, 26, on suspicion of aggravated robbery and attempted robbery after a string of crimes on Wednesday.

Police say the spree started when a sporting goods store reported a man with a shotgun was trying to obtain another weapon Wednesday afternoon when a shot was fired. The man left the store - a Big 5 Sporting Goods - after a struggle.

Police say suspect then moved on to an Adams Bank & Trust, where he managed to get away with some cash.

From there he made his way to a UMB Bank where employees wouldn't let him inside, so he began pour gasoline outside the building and tried but failed to set it on fire.

His next stop, authorities said, was a Chase bank, where he successfully got away with more money.

Police then started receiving calls that a suspect was throwing money out his car window.

"At least one person was bending over and picking up what appeared to be some money," said one witness. "I figured it was something that wasn't so good so I just kept driving."

At his final destination police say the suspect arrived in the lobby of the Antlers Hotel downtown and began handing out stolen cash to hotel employees until police finally caught up to him.

After he was arrested Anderson made several funny faces sitting in the back of a police car and he was smiling frequently.