A Spanish MP has threatened the FBI with legal action after they used a picture of him to create a most wanted mock-up of Osama Bin Laden.

Gaspar Llamazares was furious when he spotted a photograph of himself that had been doctored to resemble an aged version of Al Qaeda leader.

It is understood that FBI chiefs handpicked the shot of the Spanish politician from Google images and altered a number of features.
bin laden,Gaspar Llamazares
Blunder: A mock-up of an aged Bin Laden published by the FBI using features from Spanish MP Gaspar Llamazares, right

The FBI - who have billions of dollars and the most high-tech computers at their disposal - used the same picture of Llamazares to create a second photofit of terror leader Atiyah Abd al-Rahman.

The FBI has apologised but Llamazares vowed this week to take further action against the organisation.

'I'm going to file suit against the Federal Bureau of Investigation because they have not rectified that image at all except for a small, insincere apology,' Llamazares told Spanish radio station Cadena Ser on Monday.

'The two people they used parts of my face to generate an image for have been killed.'

An FBI technician, who was not satisfied with the standard choices of pictures available to him, is understood to have used the hair and forehead of the Spanish lawmaker.

The picture was posted on the FBI website in January 2010 and remained there until complaints were raised from Spain.
bin laden,Gaspar Llamazares
The image of Mr Llamazares digitally altered to show a likeness of former Al Qaeda number two tiyah Abd al-Rahman. Right, the real Osama Bin Laden

The image was intended to show how Bin Laden might look almost a decade on from the terrorist attacks on New York.

He is shown with a grey beard similar to Llamazares'. His hair is also almost identical. But is is understood that the drooping eyes and hooked nose are not taken from Llamazares.

Christian Hassell, assistant director at the FBI's laboratory division, made a written apology to Llamazares and called the episode 'unfortunate.

She also promised there had been nothing deliberate in the choice of Llamazares, whose party United Left opposed the Iraq war.

Bin Laden was killed in May this year after U.S. Navy Seals raided a compound in Abbottobad, Pakistan, where he had been hiding.

Rahman, a former Al Qaeda number two, was killed IN CIA predator drone attack in Waziristan, Pakistan on August 22.