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Sat, 29 Apr 2017
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Two young Germans 'mock dying Egyptian student after running her over'

© Michael Dalder / Reuters
A German police officer
Two young men in Germany have reportedly mocked and racially offended an Egyptian student as she lay dying on the street after their friend had run her over in a car. The offenders allegedly took her for a refugee.

The victim, an Egyptian student at the Brandenburg University of Technology (BTU) identified only as Shaden M, 22, was enjoying a night out with friends and was standing at a tram stop in the center of the eastern German town of Cottbus on April 15. At some point she stepped out into the street, not noticing a car that was approaching. The vehicle was going well over the speed limit of 30kph.

Shaden died three days later, German media report. Police opened an investigation into death by negligence shortly after the incident.

About a week later, the shocking details were revealed by a young witness of the accident, who said that the car that ran over the student stopped nearby before two male passengers got out while the driver stayed in the vehicle.

Black Cat

Cops: Teacher told girl to kill herself, forced other kids to bully her

© St. Landry Parish Sheriff’s Office

Two Louisiana teachers, Ann Marie Shelvin and Tracy Gallow, now face criminal charges with malfeasance in office, intimidation and interference in school operations.
The 11-year-old girl was relentlessly bullied. And the culprit, police say, were her teachers.

One of them told the girl to "go kill herself" and threatened to fail other students if they didn't fight the girl, police said. And when that teacher was removed from the classroom, a second teacher allegedly kept up the abuse.

The two Louisiana teachers, Ann Marie Shelvin and Tracy Gallow, now face criminal charges.

Forced fights

St. Landry Parish Sheriff Bobby Guidroz said he learned of the accusations back in February after the girl's mother filed a complaint. The mother returned to the sheriff's office in April to say the abuse was continuing.

Deputies said Shelvin, a teacher at Washington Elementary, threatened to fail three of her students if they didn't fight the girl. She also allegedly told the bullied girl to "go and kill herself."

In a police report obtained by CNN, a student involved in the incident told deputies that Shelvin forced her to start a fight that resulted in several students sent to the principal's office.

The student said she was told if she didn't fight the girl, Shelvin would refuse to help her with her class work just like she refuses to help the 11-year-old, the report said.

The student told deputies she was scared she'd be treated like the bullied girl if she didn't comply.

Caught on camera

Shelvin was eventually removed from the school and Gallow, a former teacher's aide, took over her class.

The girl's mother told police that Gallow retaliated against the girl for reporting Shelvin to the principal.

School surveillance cameras caught Gallow pushing the girl onto the school bleachers on two occasions, the sheriff's office said. When questioned by police, Gallow admitted pushing the student because she felt the girl was too upset to go start her testing.

A school board official, Anthony Stanberry told CNN affiliate KLFY is disturbed by the news and is promising swift action.

"As a St. Landry Parish school board member, St. Landry Parish is not going to tolerate it," Anthony Stanberry, an official, told KLFY.

Whatever actions needs to be taken care of to handle the situation is what we plan to do."

The school district said it is investigating the allegations.

"We want to assure the school community that we take these allegations very seriously and we are doing everything to protect the health, safety and welfare of our students," St. Landry Parish School Board supervisor of personnel Matthew Scroggins said.

Sheriff Guidroz says the mother did the right thing by reporting the bullying to the school board.

"Students should not have to attend school and be bullied especially by teachers that are there for their education, guidance and safety," he said.

The teachers are charged with malfeasance in office, intimidation and interference in school operations.


Lithuanian scam artist accused of single-handedly bilking Google & Facebook out of $100 million

© Reuters
Google and Facebook have been revealed as the victims of a Lithuanian fraudster, who allegedly used an email phishing scam to trick the US tech giants out of over $100 million.

According to an indictment released by the US Justice Department last month, 48-year-old Evaldas Rimasauskas from Vilnius began contacting the accounting departments of the two companies in 2013 using convincing fake email addresses and letterheads impersonating Quanta Computer, a large Taiwanese tech parts supplier used by both Google and Facebook, which were referred to only as Company-1 and Company-2. Using "forged invoices, contracts, and letters," Rimasauskas persuaded the companies' employees to wire millions of dollars intended for real purchases, to impostor accounts actually owned by him. He then stashed the massive sums in banks all over Eastern Europe.

It is unclear how soon the victims noticed they were missing millions of dollars or when they alerted the authorities, but according to American investigators, Rimasauskas was able to get away with the scam until 2015. Both Google and Facebook say that investigators were able to trace the money, and most of it has been returned.

Black Cat

That way madness lies: CIA implanted microphones into cats in attempt to spy on Russia

Spooks were praised for their 'pioneering work' creating robo-cats in declassified docs

CIA spooks tried to spy on Soviet Russia using CATS implanted with microphones under their skin.

Declassified docs show how spy chiefs praised "pioneering" scientists for slitting open moggies and stitching in electronic hardware to uncover their enemies' secrets.

Dubbed "Project Acoustic Kitty", the grim £10 million programme was developed over five years in the 1960s as a novel but gruesome new eavesdropping method.

A cat's tail was used as an antenna and a wire travelled all the way up its spine connecting to a microphone in its ear, while a battery was housed in its chest.


US soldier avoids jail after smuggling $11.5mn of meth into South Korea

© Kim Hong-Ji / Reuters
U.S. army soldiers take part in U.S.-South Korea exercise.
A US Army soldier was given a five-year suspended sentence, but no jail, by a South Korean court for his part in smuggling more than 9lbs (4kg) of methamphetamine into South Korea through the US Army postal system.

Dominique Graham, a private first class based at Camp Stanley in Uijeongbu, was accused of agreeing to receive cookie boxes of meth sent from Los Angeles to another solider via the Army Post Office. The drugs were discovered by customs authorities at the Incheon International Airport in October, according to Stars and Stripes.

On Wednesday, a three-judge panel in Uijeongbu sentenced Graham to three years in prison with a five-year suspension, meaning Graham will avoid incarceration if he remains in good graces of South Korean law in that period.

Bizarro Earth

British police & schools sound warning over 'Blue Whale' social media 'suicide game'

© uwe umstätter / Global Look Press
A number of local police forces and schools have issued warnings to parents over a social media game called 'Blue Whale' that originated in Russia and has been linked to a number of teen suicides.

There is no indication of whether the suicide game has actually been picked up by any teenagers in Britain.

Nevertheless, a number of British police forces and schools cautioned parents to monitor their children's use of social media to prevent the spread of the game.

Hertfordshire Police Constabulary advised local parents "to be vigilant and monitor children's internet usage," the BBC's Newsbeat reports.

Similarly, a spokesperson from Devon and Cornwall Police Force posted on Twitter:

"Who ever created this horrible game is sick!

"Parents: Please be aware of this 'game' talk to your children about it if concerned."

Woodlands School in Essex, which was informed about the suicide game by the local police authorities, sent parents a letter explaining the Blue Whale game and the risks involved, in an effort to prevent the spread of suicidal practices among schoolchildren.



Decline in consumption leads to slowest US economic growth in 3 years

© Brian Snyder / Reuters
The US economy showed its weakest performance since 2014 in the first three months of the year after consumer spending sharply slowed and businesses invested less in inventories.

The country's GDP increased at a mere 0.7 percent annual rate, down from 2.1 percent and 3.5 percent in the second half of 2016. Analysts surveyed by Reuters expected growth of 1.2 percent last quarter.

The decline in growth is due to the smallest increase in consumer spending since the end of 2009, which broadly mirrors fewer car sales. Consumer spending grew only 0.3 percent, reflecting a steep drop from the 3.5 percent gain at the end of 2016.

Comment: So just what did consumers spend their money on? This is what Americans spent the most money on so far this year


Cops do nothing as fellow officer snaps, pulls gun, and threatens to kill innocent woman

Cpl. Shellie Maranto
A Brusly Police Officer has resigned after body cam footage leaked on LiveLeak has surfaced revealing just how angry some police officers can become when police affairs involve personal relationships.

Cpl. Shellie Maranto can be seen flying like a bat out of hell into a gravel parking lot in her unmarked SUV police cruiser. She jumps out of the vehicle and begins her verbal tirade which also involved deadly threats.

No less than five times did Maranto declare she was going to kill another woman. She even took her service pistol out of its holster and pointed it at her. "I'm going to f__ing kill that whore," she kept repeating. "I'm going to f__ing beat her ass," she would also say. Clearly, the corporal had lost all sense of control, but what's the real story behind her manic rage?

The woman, whom the officer promised to kill, was actually a family member, her sister-in-law, who was apparently stepping out on her brother. The out-in-the-open supposed philandering of her sister-in-law was enough to throw the veteran police officer into a violent rage, the consequences of which are still being played out for all to see.

Maranto has resigned after evidence of her violent outbursts, death promises, and gun waving were released to the general public. The woman, who initially wanted to press charges, changed her mind after she reportedly said nothing would happen with any internal investigation. Apparently, the victim was right too — as Maranto, even though she resigned — has yet to receive so much as slap on the wrist for assault with a deadly weapon, felonious threats, and official oppression, all of which were caught on video.


Berkeley left-wingers silence free speech with a kick in the teeth

© Stephen Lam / Reuters
There is a clear and present danger to conservative students at the University of California Berkeley. The birthplace of the so-called free speech movement is now the epicenter of a nefarious movement to silence freedom-loving young people.

Conservative commentator Ann Coulter had been scheduled to speak today, but she canceled. Leftwing groups had threatened to silence Ms. Coulter by any means necessary.

But the university refused to guarantee the safety of Ms. Coulter or the students who invited her to speak - the Young America's Foundation.

I know these students. I know this organization. They are good people - patriots all. They are students who battle with words and ideas - not baseball bats and switchblades. And contrary to accusations made by some conservatives on Twitter, Young America's Foundation did not "acquiesce" to the liberal bullies at Berkeley.

Comment: The Young Americans Foundation and the Berkeley College Republicans are taking the University to court on First Amendment violations.

War Whore

Police force teen to ground, beat him with baton in shocking footage (VIDEO)

© ArnieArmani / Twitter
Police have launched an investigation after baton-wielding officers were caught on camera repeatedly beating a teenager.

The footage shows a boy being forced to lie on the ground by three Metropolitan police officers, while one of them repeatedly hits him with a baton.

The officers can be heard shouting for the boy to release his hands so that they are in full sight.

In a statement to LBC, Met police confirmed they answered reports of an altercation between a group of people at 5:07pm on March 14.