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Family's appeal for justice after police in Coweta County, Georgia taser son to death, then 'high five'

taser death
© Karen bleier / AFP
Family members who called 911 over a relative's drug-induced attack on his girlfriend have accused Coweta County, Georgia police deputies of tasering the man to death. The medical examiner's report ruled the death a homicide.

"His parents did what everybody is supposed to do, you call 911, because 911 brings help. But in the case of Chase, 911 brought death," said Chris Stewart, the attorney representing the family, at a press conference in Atlanta on Thursday,according to WXIA.

Comment: See also: Police ignore Taser heart attack risk and keep firing at suspects' chests

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American graduates dumber than other countries' high school dropouts

american idiot
The US Department of Education just released the results from the Program for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies (PIAAC), and they are perilously disappointing.

PIAAC is a cyclical, large-scale study of adult skills and life experiences focusing on education and employment. Nationally representative samples of adults between the ages of 16 and 65 are administered an assessment of literacy, numeracy, and problem solving in technology rich environments, as well as survey questions about their educational background, work history, the skills they use on the job and at home, their civic engagement, and sense of their health and well-being. The results are used to compare participating countries on the skills capacities of their workforce-aged adults and to learn more about relationships between educational background and employment and other outcomes.

When comparing the most recent results of US adults and those in other countries, America looks terrible.

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Riot erupts at Alabama's Holman Correctional Facility

Holman Correctional Facility
© Youtube/ AL.comFire set in Holman Correctional Facility.
A riot has erupted at Holman Correctional Facility in Atmore, Alabama, local media reported on Saturday.

According to the Alabama's news website, it is not clear when exactly the uprising started out as prison officials refused to give any comments.

The photos and video published on the website show the prisoners have set fire and constructed barricades inside the prison.

โ€‹"Attention: We need yall help here at Holman Correction Facility Prison. The police down here beating on and jus treating us any kind way. We down here fighting for are lifes," the website quoted a post from Facebook.

Holman Correctional Facility is the only prison in Alabama, where the capital punishments are carried out. It houses over 1000 inmates, including those on death row.


"Mutual combat situation": Five women engage in a brawl on airplane

girl fight airplane
There's a reason someone coined the term "sheeple"...

What would you do if you were trapped on a plane 30,000 feet in the air and a five-woman brawl broke out in front of you putting everyone's lives at risk and all because two women refused to turn down their music and some people just can't behave like freaking adults for a few hours together?

Comment: We're surrounded by idiots.

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Michigan judge ordered to stop jailing poor people over unpaid court fees

stop jailing poor people
© Morteza Nikoubazl / Reuters
A district judge in Macomb County, Michigan, was ordered by a circuit court to stop putting defendants in jail because they couldn't pay court fees and fines. Now he'll have to decide whether the payments constitute "a manifest hardship" for each person.

The court order was a victory for the Michigan chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union, which sued Eastpointe Judge Carl Gerds III over what it called an unconstitutional practice.

"We're elated about the court's order because it upholds a basic principle of fairness in our nationโ€”that nobody should be jailed just because he or she is too poor to pay fines, fees and costs," said ACLU of Michigan legal director Michael J. Steinberg in a statement.

Comment: See also: South Carolina woman dies of dehydration after being dragged out of hospital to jail over unpaid court fines

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Financial suicide: Credit card debt in the United States is approaching a trillion dollars

Credit cards
For the first time ever, total credit card debt in the United States is approaching a trillion dollars. Instead of learning painful lessons from the last recession, Americans continue to make the same horrendous financial mistakes over and over again. In fact, U.S. consumers accumulated more new credit card debt during the 4th quarter of 2015 than they did during the years of 2009, 2010 and 2011 combined. That is absolutely insanity, because other than payday loans, credit card debt is just about the worst kind of debt that consumers could possibly go into. Extremely high rates of interest, combined with severe penalties and fees, can choke the financial life out of almost any family in no time at all.

These days, most Americans use credit cards for various purposes, and they can be very convenient.

And if you pay them off every single month, they don't become a problem.

Comment: The author of this article assumes that people just willfully go into debt, and perhaps some do. But the US economics/jobs situation is so bad is is also equally likely that many people are barely surviving and need those credit cards to eat and pay rent. Obviously that's a dangerous lifestyle as they are just one step away from joining the homeless. But then, that is how a lot of the homeless got that way. The age-old problem of debt slavery is going to bring down another empire.


Over 600 tractors flood downtown Helsinki as Finnish farmers decry anti-Russian sanctions

Tractor protesters in Finland
© Vesa Moilanen / Reuters Farmers from different parts of Finland with their tractors participate in a demonstration over declining agricultural earnings in Helsinki, Finland, March 11, 2016.
Hundreds of tractors disrupted traffic in the Finnish capital on Friday, when thousands of farmers arrived in Helsinki to protest the catastrophic situation in the agricultural sector and ongoing sanctions against Russia.

Finland's agricultural industry is in financial distress, and farmers lost two-fifths of their income in 2015. The national agricultural sector union MTK wanted make sure the message was well-heard at the very top, and members of the organization drove an estimated 600 tractors to the Finnish capital's downtown Senate Square early on the morning of March 11.

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Australian and Western corporate media ignore the unfathomable numbers of abused and kilIed children in war and peace

abused children

Comment: This extremely well researched article puts together some dizzying and horrifying statistics and counts that are sure to shock many. In recent months we have heard reported that over 10,000 refugee children have gone missing in the EU to take but one example. But what happens when we go back over several years? And how is it that such things continue to occur without a torrent of public outcry? Dr. Polya puts a lot of it together here in societal and geopolitical terms. Read it and weep.

Australians are quite rightly upset because the Catholic Church hierarchy failed to act to expose and stop long-term, egregious child sexual abuse of about 40,000 Australian children by Catholic Church personnel. However look-the-other-way Australia resolutely ignores 4.4 million Australians adults who have been sexually abused as children, and the deaths this century of 11.9 million under-5 year old infants and 15.8 million avoidable deaths (half of children) in Muslim countries being war criminally violated by pro-Zionist, pro-Apartheid Israel, US lackey Australia.

Australia has a long-running, $0.5 billion-cost Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse that has been investigating child sexual abuse by government institutions and by non-government institutions including church organizations. It has recently investigated child sexual abuse by Catholic Church personnel (priests and Christian brothers) in the Victorian city of Ballarat. The Royal Commission demanded the attendance of Australia's top Catholic prelate, Cardinal George Pell, who had served in Ballarat, but when Cardinal Pell (based in the Vatican) declined for medical reasons, the Royal Commission permitted him to be questioned at length in Rome via a video link. In short, Cardinal Pell claimed that he didn't know of these awful crimes, a position that many regard as implausible.

Top Australian ABC TV journalist Leigh Sales interviewing a Catholic priest over the silence of the Catholic Church over egregious child sexual abuse over many years by Catholic Church personnel in Ballarat: "Let's start with the first scenario and if I just take the example of Ballarat, where we know there were just so many egregious examples of abuse. How is it that there was not one good man there who was willing to stand up and say - and blow the whistle on this?" [1].

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Pharma executives knowingly providing cartels with drugs to manufacture methamphetamine

pharma drug cartel
Prosecutors in Belgium have recently announced that executives with pharmaceutical companies based in the country will be charged with knowingly providing drug cartels with prescription drugs that were used to manufacture methamphetamine.

The companies are accused of providing the Mexican drug kingpin Ezio Figueroa Vazquez with several tons of ephedrine, knowing that it would be used in the production of methamphetamine.

Prosecutors have said that there are seven executives who were charged with crimes, but they have not named these executives or the companies that they represent. However, Reuters uncovered that Sterop and Andacon are two of the three companies involved in the charges.

The companies claim that they had no clue who was buying the drugs, but prosecutors say that they have evidence proving that the executives had full knowledge of what they were involved in. The evidence reportedly includes email and phone surveillance.

Comment: It's becoming clearer that there is very little difference between the pharmaceutical industry and organized crime:

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Whistleblowers claim Veteran Affairs retaliated against them for complaints about mentally impaired doctor

Veterans Affairs whistleblower
© Scott Olson / Getty Images / Agence France Presse
Two staffers at a Veteran Affairs hospital have lodged complaints saying that hospital management retaliated against them for reporting a doctor's loss of cognitive functions in his treatment of patients.

Whistleblowers James DeNofrio and Dr. Timothy Skarada of the James E. Van Zandt VA Medical Center (VAMC) in Altoona, Pennsylvania claim that management violated Veteran Affairs (VA) regulations for two years by failing to prevent a mentally impaired doctor from practicing, and by harassing the whistleblowers who pointed out the problem, according to a letter released last week.

Starting in 2013, the letter says, several people complained that Dr. Frederick Struthers, who was the head of the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Services (PM&RS) Department, was showing signs of impaired cognitive functions.

Struthers once conducted a testicular examination without gloves in front of two female employees, did not wash his hands afterwards and never documented the encounter, the whistleblowers say. On another occasion, the doctor unnecessarily delayed pain treatment to mitigate the suffering of a dying patient. Other incidents the two men described involved Struthers treating patients in the hallway, problems with chronic tardiness, and difficulty remembering conversations.