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Mon, 25 Jan 2021
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MSM celebrates Washington, DC's military occupation

washington inauguration military

Military rolls out in Washington for Biden's inauguration
Downtown Washington, DC is currently under what essentially amounts to military occupation. Streets are locked down, guarded by Army vehicles and blocked off by huge, garish checkpoints. Vehicular traffic is limited to motorists who can show papers demonstrating that, as one Guardsman told me, they are conducting "legitimate business." (Apparently this includes Uber drivers and food delivery workers.) According to official estimates, 25,000 military personnel are now deployed to the area — on top of countless federal, state, and local law enforcement agents. Troops roam around carrying rifles with no ammo loaded. If you can manage to navigate on foot to the perimeter of the National Mall, you encounter an enormous fencing apparatus, complete with barbed wire.

Question: does anyone with a media job find this situation to be worthy of some further inquiry? Or in other words, worthy of questioning the premise of why such an extravagantly intensive military presence is allegedly necessary? Is it proportionate to the scale of the purported threat? Has the nature of the threat itself — whatever that might be, exactly — been adequately probed to determine whether it is grounded in reality? Already a bunch of purported threats initially trumpeted across the media with the usual five-alarm-five hysteria have dissipated in short order, so there is perhaps some reason for doubt in that regard.



Simone Gold, who advocated hydroxychloroquine as a remedy for coronavirus, arrested in connection to US Capitol 'riot'

Simone Gold
© Washington Post/John Strand
Doctor Simone Gold
The left-wing media is having a heyday with the news that America's Frontline Doctors head Dr. Simone Gold was arrested for having appeared at the United States Capitol on Jan. 6.

Dr. Gold was present with her megaphone to deliver a speech about the dangers and ineffectiveness of Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines, urging listeners to instead take advantage of safe, effective and inexpensive remedies like hydroxychloroquine (HCQ).

Believing the Capitol to have been open to the public, she says, Dr. Gold, who runs a clinic in Los Angeles, entered the building and stayed neatly within the velvet ropes of the rotunda as she warned those around her not to fall for the Chinese virus vaccine hoax.

Because she was merely seen at the so-called "insurrection," Dr. Gold is being treated like a "domestic terrorist." Two others who were with her, 52-year-old Gina Bisignano and 37-year-old John Strand, are also facing charges simply because of their presence at Donald Trump's Stop the Steal rally.

Black Magic

Day One: Biden obliterates women's sports, reinstates rule allowing transgender students to use 'preferred' bathrooms

transgender unfair advantage wrestling
© AP Photo/Dallas Morning News/Jae S. Lee
In this Friday, Feb. 16, 2018 photo, Euless Trinity’s Mack Beggs, top, wrestles Lewisville’s Elyse Nelson in the second round of the 110-pound girls division during the 6A Region II wrestling meet at Allen High School in Allen, Texas.
Joe Biden obliterated women's sports on the first day of his presidency.

Biden also reinstated the rule allowing transgender students to use bathrooms and locker rooms according to their "gender identity."

In other words, a biological male can now waltz into a bathroom and locker room to watch your teenage daughter change into gym clothes.

Any learning institution that receives federal funding must admit biological males to women's teams, women's scholarships etc.

Comment: So Biden has overruled the will of individual states. Not a dictator though.

Pocket Knife

'F**k every single Trump voter': Biden may be in, but Hollywood's and media's crusade to destroy conservatives has just begun

© Reuters/Mark Blinch/Jonathan Ernst/Monica Almeida
Michael Moore • Former President Donald Trump • Sacha Baron Cohen
Joe Biden's calls for "unity" mean nothing to his most public supporters, the liberal celebs who celebrate their victory by spewing vitriol at Donald Trump and his supporters, and who have no intention of stopping anytime soon.

Trump Derangement Syndrome is going nowhere. If you find yourself hoping Joe Biden's presidency means we can, for better or worse, turn the page on the four years Trump occupied the White House, then you are an optimist whose blinkers are screwed on so tight that oxygen is being cut off from your brain.

Watching the reactions to Biden's inauguration and Trump's final hours as president, one would assume the election results were flipped and we were headed into another four years of Trump. CNN's coverage of Trump's final speech as president included anchors blasting him as "small" and obsessing over crowd sizes, the sort of lame-brained analysis that's been signature to the network's brand for years now.

Looking to Trump's loudest critics and Biden's biggest supporters in Hollywood also paints a picture that, culturally speaking, the next four years will look exactly like the last four: Trump and anyone deemed supportive of him are the boogeymen of the world.

Comment: Biden's call for unity? Look at the tweets. A national storm is brewing and rapidly, rabidly gathering momentum.


After running down the clock, Maricopa County will now give election materials to state senate for audit

Maricopa County Election Department
© Olivier Touron/AFP via Getty Images
A poll worker sorts ballots inside the Maricopa County Election Department in Phoenix, Arizona, on Nov. 5, 2020.
Maricopa County officials agreed Wednesday, on the day of President Joe Biden's inauguration, to turn over election data and ballots to Arizona Senate Republicans for an audit.

The agreement ended weeks of back-and-forth between the county and the state's legislative body, many of whom question how Biden won the once reliably Republican Arizona.

The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors had fought the senate's subpoenas because they believed the request to be out of bounds and could expose private voter information. GOP President Karen Fann had pressed ahead with her quest for an audit to ensure the county ran the election correctly and, in part, to help craft new legislation to address Republican concerns. Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich also filed a brief in support of the senate's authority to issue subpoenas.

"Not only has the Board agreed to turn over all the relevant information we sought in our subpoenas so that we may perform an audit, but they also acknowledge that the Legislature is a sovereign power of the state and that the county is a political subdivision, and as such, the Legislature has the constitutional and statutory authority to issue subpoenas," Fann said in a statement.

Comment: They could have come to this conclusion a month ago.
** On December 15th Arizona officials issued a forensic audit to be completed in Maricopa County.

** On December 18th the Maricopa Board of Supervisors refused to comply with subpoenas to turn over the Dominion voting machines for an audit.

** On December 30th the Arizona Attorney General joined in the battle for the forensic audit of the Maricopa County elections equipment.

** On January 20th, Inauguration Day, the Maricopa County officials finally agree to the audit.
They were just stalling so that Biden could be inaugurated.

Coincidentally, the TCF center in Detroit managed to find the video surveillance footage requested by Gateway Pundit, and are slated to hand it over soon. What took them so long?


If America really wants unity, it must do away with critical race theory

black lives matter protest
© REUTERS/Andrew Kelly
Demonstrators burn U.S. flags during a Black Lives Matter protest on the Fourth of July Holiday in Manhattan, New York City, U.S., July 4, 2020
On his first day in office, Joe Biden declared he'll dismantle Donald Trump's 1776 Commission, fully embracing critical race theory. This will ultimately lead to worse racial divides and now it's up to the citizens to stop it.

One of the main pitches that the Joe Biden campaign made during the 2020 election was that he would reunite the country. The words "unity" and "healing" have been touted around more than a McDonald's slogan. The premise is that Donald Trump as a divisive figure damaged the country to the point where it's going to take Joe Biden of all people to fix it. However, Joe Biden has stated he plans to sign an executive order to end Donald Trump's 1776 Commission. Trump had created that initiative to counter the New York Times' 1619 Project and its use in education.

Back in July of last year, I wrote about senators pushing to keep federal funding away from the 1619 project. It was a wise move then, and it's still a wise move to move away from the nonsense that exists within it. We should be teaching people actual history, not historical fiction that reads like anti-American propaganda. The origins of these theories have always been rooted in nonsense from people who despise the very country they live in - like Derrick Bell Jr., one of Barack Obama's professors at Harvard and one of the people at the roots of critical race theory.

Bad Guys

Professor calls elimination of Republican Party and purging "Nazified" people from Congress, universities, and 'regular jobs"'

The media has been airing discussion of hosts and leading figures like Katie Couric on "deprogramming " Trump supporters or treating Trump supporters as a cult, including a CNN interview with an actual "cult expert." Since that would include over 70 million Trump voters, the hyperbolic language can be dismissed as just more examples of our rage-filled political environment. After all, a few days after the election, a law professor declared that even questioning the Biden electoral victory was tantamount to being a holocaust denier. One professor however has taken this call even further in declaring such supporters are worse than the Nazis and heralding the need for the same type of treatment seen with the Nuremberg trials, including the apparent elimination of the Republican Party. Smith College Professor Loretta Ross, who teaches women's and gender studies, rejected calls for unity and instead called for punitive action against supporters in Congress, universities, and "regular jobs."

In an article in CounterPunch Ross declares that there can be no unity with Trump supporters and that the Republican Party itself cannot continue to exist:
Republicans are no longer entitled to exist as a legitimate political party because this authoritarian backlash has been building since new Civil Rights laws were passed in 1964 and 1965 in response to white racist violence captured on TV that required the National Guard to quell. Then-President Lyndon Johnson predicted that most white people would flee the Democratic Party to join the pro-segregationist, anti-feminist, and anti-gay revanchist political movement of George Wallace, Richard Nixon, and Ronald Reagan. Every undemocratically selected Republican president since the 1960s (by an electoral college designed to be disenfranchising) has failed to repudiate this neo-fascist wing of their party.

I'm through giving Republicans the benefit of the doubt after 50 years.


Lockdown having no impact on coronavirus rates in England, vaccine will have 'limited impact' in short term - Infectious disease expert

uk police lockdown

A police car patrols London's Greenwich Park in April at the height of the first lockdown
A third pandemic lockdown appears to be having little impact on rates of COVID-19 in England, researchers warned on Thursday, with prevalence of the disease "very high" and "no evidence of decline" in the first 10 days of renewed restrictions.

Until rates of COVID-19 are reduced substantially, health services "will remain under extreme pressure" and the number of deaths will continue to rise rapidly, researchers leading Imperial College London's REACT-1 prevalence study said.

Comment: As has been detailed elsewhere, health services are under pressure due to over a decade of budget cuts, mismanagement by successive governments, chronic understaffing, as well as coronavirus guidance that has removed nearly a third of beds from wards, and, to add to all that, nurses who test for coronavirus - although they may be showing no symptoms - are told to stay off work and self-isolate for weeks on end.

Is it any wonder that, whilst there's been no real rise in coronavirus admissions, hospitals are 'under extreme pressure'? This has also been the case for years.

"The number of COVID-19 in-patients (in hospital) is extremely high at the moment, and we can't expect that to drop unless we can achieve lower levels of prevalence," said Steven Riley, a professor of infectious disease dynamics who co-led the work.

Comment: See the link above, the majority of those patients, according to an NHS Director, originally went into hospital for other reasons, they just happen to have also tested positive for coronavirus - and those tests are extremely unreliable.

Comment: It would appear that any significant rise in the excess death rate has been primarily because of a lack of critical and primary care: UK care homes record 29,000 excess deaths during lockdown, lack of critical care partly to blame


Don't worry, it's just corporate fascism

Censorship is censorship, whether committed by the state or anyone else.

For over a decade now, the left in the United States has been cultivating a pernicious lie. They claim that censorship exists only if it is done by the government. Through a facile reading of the First Amendment, they have concluded that schools, corporations, publishers, theaters, and cable providers are not engaged in censorship if they ban certain speech, they are merely private entities making choices. It's a lie.

Censorship can be committed by any institution, even by individuals if they have enough power. Today the greatest threat to American freedom comes not from the government but from corporate actors who seek to control the actions and beliefs of American citizens by withholding goods and services from those with whom they disagree. And the left, which once abhorred certain views but would fight for your right to express them, now just abhors them and you can go to hell.

Comment: Actually the threat to freedom comes from both corporations and the US government since there is, at the topmost layer of control, an interchangeable or revolving door of corporate figures who at some point join government, and government technocrats who leave office to join corporations.

Comment: While we don't condone infecting your mental hygiene with degenerate art, we do largely agree with what the author is saying: Don't succumb to the chilling effect of mass censorship and the group-think of pathological pseudo reality that tells you what is, and isn't, the correct information to look at and perspectives to take. Inform yourself as well and as truthfully as you possibly can.


Fire breaks out at world's biggest vaccine maker, India's Serum Institute

Serum Institute
© Twitter
The Serum Institute of India (SII) in Pune, India
A fire has broken out at a production facility belonging to the world's largest vaccine producer, the Serum Institute of India (SII). The company's management has said Covid vaccine production hasn't been impacted, however.

On Thursday afternoon, emergency services were called to an SII plant in Pune, after a fire broke out on the fifth floor.

Executive Director Suresh Jadhav confirmed the facility in question is used for the production of a BCG vaccine - an inoculation used primarily against tuberculosis.