biden senile
Joe Biden has long lost the plot
"The old left had intellectual commitments that were false in interesting and theoretically stimulating ways. The new left demands adherence to lurid absurdities so preposterous that merely entertaining them induces nauseating neurological disorders." — Xenocosmography on "X"
The most astounding part of America's "Joe Biden" three-plus-years thrill ride is that the Party of Chaos and Hoaxes was able to pretend until just a few days ago that this political phantasm could run for re-election. Now, regime insiders are forced to confess that they can't hide it anymore. They spilled the beans as "unnamed sources" this week in a huge Wall Street Journal article. The president is going necrotic in full view of the whole world. His mind is gone. He looks ridiculous when he shuffles in front of the cameras. He utters obvious absurdities and lies. His wife has to lead him around like a dog on a leash. Everyone can see it. He's got to go. ASAP.

The embarrassing ineptitude has been on view since the 2020 campaign, yet his handlers managed to flimflam half the country ever since, thanks to a news media captured by intel blob gaslighters and to half the country's susceptibility to mass formation psychosis — fear driven thought disorder — that gave cover to treasonous actors seeking to save their asses even if they had to wreck the USA doing it. Who were these actors? The Clintons and the coterie around them, steeped in financial crime and sex trafficking; the Obama coterie of anti-white racists and bungling Marxists; the batshit-crazy Woke race-and-gender hustlers working to derange the merit-based social order (and get paid for doing it); the congressional grifters living off Pharma and Pentagon loot; the agency top bureaucrats who became a corrupt praetorian guard for all the above players, now desperate to evade accountability.

Everything they've done since 2020 has been in the service of covering up their crimes, and each hoax has just compounded the damage done to our country. The Covid-19 prank was pulled to enable mail-in ballot fraud so as to assure a permanent government-by-blob, of which the Democratic Party is now a mere tentacle. We don't know yet whether the mRNA vaccine module of the prank was a deliberate effort to kill a lot of people or a grievous blunder by greedy drug-makers, or some wicked combo — with assistance from the WEF or China.

They can't afford to lose their grip on the levers of power 2024 election — lose control of the Justice Department, the FBI, and the so-called "national security" apparatus, especially. The open border is just an effort to illegally import and enlist a vast wad of potential new voters to ensure an election victory. More than twenty states have "motor-voter laws" that automatically register anybody with a driver's license. And these enrollees don't even have to cast their ballot. Their names can just be "harvested" systematically, attached to voting documents, and bundled to be submitted for them. Millions have entered the country illegally since 2021 at "Joe Biden's" direct invitation. There's nothing hidden about this — but all you see is the learned helplessness of actual US citizens unable to stop it.

And yet, even that prank may not work to keep the Party of Chaos and Hoaxes in power. Designated candidate "Joe Biden" is obviously so far gone that even actual citizen voters under the mass formation spell can't be counted on anymore. His poll numbers look abysmal. He's scheduled to debate his opponent, the outlaw Donald Trump, on June 27. If his handlers allow that to actually happen, it will be like the unmasking scene in The Phantom of the Opera: brain-ringing horror, from sea to shining sea! Of course, an insult to the zeitgeist that severe will force the party leaders into some 'splainin', and I personally doubt they will be able to 'splain their way out of it. Did all of you Democrats not notice?

The putative replacements for him — Newsom, Hillary, Pritzker, Whitmer, Harris — are political creatures at least as loathsome to voters as "JB" has become. And the obvious pitfall for Michelle O is that her husband looks like a wannabe American Caesar seeking a fourth term. What else have they got? Nothin'. Some utterly unknown governor they can primp up in a few months? Fugeddabowdit. They'll have to run one of the loathsomes, take the "L," and hope for the best, perhaps make a get out of jail "deal" with dealmaker supreme Mr. Trump.

Or, they could attempt another mighty prank: kill him. You can imagine they'll try it, having exhausted all other gambits. If they succeed, and it doesn't provoke an instant civil war, Mr. Trump's faction has a pretty deep "bench" of capable figures who can step in and run against the Party of Chaos, Hoaxes, and now Murder. If the assassins botch the job, I wouldn't want to be them on that dreadful day.

The bottom-line for now: "Joe Biden" is about to wave bye-bye. They've already put the question to him. He's resisting. The one coherent thought in his failing mind is that he has pardon power as long as he is president. It's not so much Hunter and that silly-ass gun case in Wilmington, which he'll surely wriggle out of. It's more about the brothers Jim and Frank and all the spouses and offspring who received wire transfers of Chinese money, Ukraine money, Russian money, Kazak money, Romanian money. . . .

If necessary, the party and its blob masters could bite the bullet and run the 25thAmendment on the old fraud, git'er done fast, down-and-dirty, virtually overnight any night now. More likely, they'll "leak" some document from the blob vaults that incontrovertibly incriminates the president on one of the already well-trodden bribery angles. That is, they'll pretend to discover that not only is "Joe Biden" hopelessly senile, but, turns out, he's been crooked all along! What a shock! We never suspected 'til now! Such a seemingly well-intentioned, kindly, patriotic old man! Stand by. It's going to be a helluva month.