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Dr. Dean Patterson, a leading consultant cardiologist in Guernsey and Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, has written to the U.K. medical professional regulator the General Medical Council (GMC) calling for an investigation into harms from the COVID-19 vaccines, in a letter first published on Dr. Aseem Malhotra's website.
February 19th 2024
Charlie Massey
Chair of Executive Board
The General Medical Council

Dear Mr. Massey,

I am writing to express my enthusiastic support for Dr. Aseem Malhotra, a distinguished medical professional who, through his dedication to improving public health and promoting evidence-based medicines, has inspired numerous medical professionals to speak out in support of non-pharmaceutical management of chronic illness. He has been attacked for his stance in the past, in respect to his views on sugar and statins. He today again stands accused of spreading dangerous misinformation by a group of medical professionals who appear dedicated to reducing science and medical practice to an echo chamber.

Over the last 10-15 years, I have become increasingly aware of Dr. Aseem Malhotra as a cardiologist who has made significant contributions to the field of preventive cardiology and lifestyle medicine. His commitment to challenging conventional medical wisdom and advocating a more holistic approach to healthcare has earned him widespread respect and admiration within the medical community and beyond. That said, he has also faced opposition over the years from critics. He has faced these criticisms openly and encouraged debate on the science. This is a foundation cornerstone of the scientific method. I have been inspired by Dr. Malhotra's bravery. He is the U.K. standard bearer for integrity and bravery in speaking out for patient safety. The world needs more doctors like him. Many doctors are too afraid to challenge mainstream dogma. Enabling doctors with opposing views to shut down Dr. Malhotra's freedom to speak will damage patient safety.

I recall prior to the COVID-19 pandemic watching a lecture given online by Dr. Malhotra on December 15th 2019, 'Evidence-Based Medicine has been hijacked'. This lecture succinctly explains why the doctors of today are not adequately equipped with the training to explain risk-benefit ratios of drugs and interventions to their patients. Not only is Dr. Malhotra an accomplished physician, but he is also a passionate advocate for addressing the root causes of chronic disease, particularly through lifestyle interventions and dietary modifications. His efforts to raise awareness about the impact of excessive sugar consumption and the overuse of medications in the treatment of chronic illnesses have been instrumental in sparking important conversations about the need for a paradigm shift in healthcare.

It is indeed a sad irony that Dr. Malhotra has been labeled an anti-vaxxer conspiracy theorist, as he himself took the initial COVID-19 vaccine, recommended it to others and even his father. He later realised that serious safety signals were being reported and understandably has concerns that the COVID-19 vaccine may have contributed to accelerated fatal acute myocardial infarction in his father.

Over the past 18 years, I have been a partner, consultant cardiologist and general physician at the Medical Specialist Group and Princess Elizabeth Hospital in Guernsey with a population of 63,000. Here I am proud to say, we provide a consultant-only service which leads to exceptional continuity of care compared to the NHS where multiple tiers of doctors working shifts care for patients.

In my personal experience, the COVID-19 vaccine has caused me intolerable concern for patient safety here in Guernsey. In my 33 years of medical practice, I have never witnessed such harm from a therapeutic intervention. I lost a female patient due to myocarditis aged 42 in 2021. A 63-year-fit woman died from myocarditis one month after her booster vaccine in 2022 after getting breathless within one week of the injection. In addition, I personally cared for a 20-year-old male with severe myocarditis which developed within 24 hours of his second Pfizer vaccine. In the first year of the rollout, I diagnosed 20 patients with myocarditis and 15 cases of pericarditis, including one death (42 year-old) and another who required an ICD (79-year-old male). In the 16 years prior to this, I would on average diagnose two to three myocarditis cases per year, with serious cases being limited to one every three to four years. The U.K. ONS data for England and Wales show 250 hospital admissions for myocarditis over 10 years. This equates to two per 10 years for Guernsey. In the first year of the rollout, we had 10 hospital admissions for myocarditis. In the second year of vaccine rollout, I have seen another 18 myocarditis cases, including the death of the 63-year-old woman listed above.

In addition, I have noticed an increase in the number of heart failure and acute myocardial infarction cases. I am currently auditing the ambulatory ECG data as I believe there has been an increase in arrhythmia burden. Incredibly, the side-effects don't stop there, as we have seen a doubling of the stroke numbers recently with an increase in overall thrombo-embolic disease since the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccines.

I am therefore writing not only in support of Dr. Malhotra's views on this matter but also to inform you that the medical establishment appears blind to the harm. I am extremely concerned that medical practice itself will be irreparably damaged by the fallout from the mishandling of the Covid vaccine side effects. Dr. Malhotra must be supported in his efforts to shine a light on this.

While the GMC is mandated to protect patients and regulate doctors, currently the GMC finds itself in a regulatory vacuum where it, like many mainstream doctors, is unable to openly support what should be an urgent independent investigation into Covid vaccine safety.

It is my opinion that the side-effects being detected are the tip of the iceberg. Healthcare professionals are quite poor at reporting Yellow Card cases, while the NHS doctors are overburdened and unlikely to spend 30-45 minutes submitting a Yellow Card incident. This is particularly the case when the same doctors have been indoctrinated with the statement that the Covid vaccines are safe and effective, while the evidence for this safety and effectiveness from double blind placebo controlled studies is extremely weak.

The initial Covid studies were due to complete in Q4 2023 and we await the final report, notwithstanding the major flaw that most of the placebo group have been vaccinated in 2021. A paper published very recently (K. Faksova, et al., 'COVID-19 vaccines and adverse events of special interest: A multinational Global Vaccine Data Network cohort study of 99 million vaccinated individuals', Vaccine, 2024) shows significant side-effects based upon this known under reporting.

Cardiologists in the main continue to blame COVID-19 infection as the cause for the harms I am seeing. However I have not diagnosed a single case of post-COVID-19 myocarditis prior to the vaccine rollout in Guernsey. The U.K. Government website from 2021 to date states that Covid causes myocarditis. The evidence it lists for this is flawed. One study it uses as evidence by Buckley et al. ('Prevalence and clinical outcomes of myocarditis and pericarditis in 718,365 COVID-19 patients', Eur J Clin Invest. 2021) concluded that myocarditis had a prevalence of 5% in Covid patients. This study used data from the USA EMR records, which is poisoned by the flow of money. It is well documented that hospitals in the USA were paid $37,000 if a patient with Covid was admitted to ICU. ICU admissions would be promoted in patients with 'multi-system involvement'. A rise in troponin, however insignificant, would be the rationale for diagnosing myocarditis and the accompanying $37,000 payment when the patient was admitted to ICU.

It is well known within the cardiologist circle pre-Covid that patients with sepsis often have a rise in troponin and the rise is proportional to age and co-morbidities and not indicative of myocarditis or a heart attack. In 2020, Guernsey had 20,000 Covid cases, which according to the paper by Buckley et al. would lead to 1,000 cases of myocarditis, but I have not diagnosed a single case of myocarditis prior to the vaccine rollout.

Dr. Melissa Heightman, a UCL Long Covid expert, is on record when speaking at the Acute and General medicine conference in 2022, stated that after MDT with cardiologists about the late gadolinium being seen on CMRI scans, they concluded it was just the usual background noise.

In the paper by Buckley et al. above they reference a paper by Puntmann et al. ('Outcomes of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Patients Recently Recovered From Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)', JAMA Cardiol. 2020) which erroneously concluded that 78 of 100 subjects recovered from mild Covid without cardiac symptoms had myocardial involvement on their cardiac MRI scans.

The correct interpretation is that the abnormalities seen were due to the same background noise referred to by Dr. Heightman, amplified further by the study done in Germany using 3 Tesla MRI scanners.

In the U.K. we use in the main 1.5 Tesla MRI scanners. More power equals more noise!

It is my opinion that the GMC must not only support whistleblowers like Dr. Malhotra, but urgently put in place the following:
  1. A working group to investigate the COVID-19 vaccine safety. May I suggest you speak with Dr. Yvonne Young from the UKHSA and Dr. Melissa Heighten (UCL) to invite their views on this matter? I am part of a growing group of doctors who would like to be part of this investigation, as I am sure Dr. Malhotra would be.
  2. A helpline to support doctors afraid of speaking out.
  3. A helpline to support those who are vaccine injured. Clearly the GMC should seek support from the MHRA and U.K. Government with funding for this work.
  4. A panel should be established to open discussion and reporting the above strategy in the media, in a calm unbiased manner to avoid undue stress on the general population and the healthcare system.
In conclusion, I wholeheartedly endorse Dr. Aseem Malhotra and believe that his unwavering commitment to advancing a more patient-centric, evidence-based approach to healthcare makes him a valuable asset to the medical community. I am confident that his contributions in relation to exposing the truth about the COVID-19 vaccine safety will continue to have a lasting impact on the health and wellbeing of countless individuals. There are many doctors and healthcare professionals who will openly endorse my view, but sadly there are a silent majority who will only endorse my view quietly in private conversation.

Unfortunately, medicine finds itself standing at crossroads. There are significant seeds of division. The question for you is therefore: are you going to heal these wounds or empower the irreversible split of healthcare that beckons in an increasingly uncertain future?


Dr. Dean Patterson MBCHB, FRCP
Pathologist Dr. Clare Craig writes on X that, assuming Dr. Patterson saw all the cases on the island, "that would equate to 35,000 myo- and pericarditis cases in U.K. and 200,000 in USA".

The increase from one serious case every three to four years to the 28 hospital admissions Dr. Patterson reports for 2021 and 2022 represents a 47-fold increase in incidence. While the data are not publicly available for independent verification, there is no reason to doubt what Dr. Patterson reports from his clinical experience. An investigation into the true risks of these novel therapeutic products is urgently needed.

Stop Press: The Health Advisory and Recovery Team (HART) reports on a Japanese autopsy that shows even subclinical myocarditis after vaccination can later result in a fatal event - and will typically be missed by most autopsies, meaning the mRNA vaccines could be playing a hidden role in a significant number of heart deaths.