Defense Minister Viktor Khrenin
Defense Minister Viktor Khrenin
Belarus will not go to war with neighboring states provided there are no wrong steps on their part, Defense Minister Viktor Khrenin said on Monday.

"We don't want to be at war with Lithuanians or Poles, let alone Ukrainians. If you don't want to and don't take wrong steps, then there will be no war," the Defense Ministry's press-service quotes Khrenin as saying.

He urged Ukraine not to provoke the Belarusian side and to refrain from spreading fake news about an allegedly impending attack by Minsk.

"We are aware that our Ukrainian neighbors are concerned today the Belarussian armed forces may take aggressive actions. There have been groundless allegations we have been planning an attack," Khrenin said. "Our answer to this has been and remains the same: do not provoke us. We are not going to go to war you."

He explained that the Belarusian side was considering only defensive plans.

"Our plans are defensive. In case we are attacked. If at least one meter of Belarusian land is subjected to aggression," he warned. "As the commander-in-chief has said, the response will be instant and firm. Therefore, we warn everybody against provocations once again. You don't want war with us? Fine. We don't want it either," Khrenin said.

Khrenin recalled Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko's statement to the effect "the situation today is not serious enough to be able to causes panic."

"Everyone today should calmly go ahead with doing one's job. The Belarusian army will do everything to ensure security," he promised.