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Another week in the war in Ukraine, another atrocity falsely attributed to Russia - this time in Bucha, from where Russian forces recently vacated in order to regroup in the Donbass. To listen to the Zelensky regime, the Russians were chased out of the Kiev region, vindictively massacring civilians along the way - a scenario completely at odds with Russian conduct and strategy in Ukraine thus far.

Beyond the wall of propaganda about what Russia is trying to achieve in Ukraine, what really matters for all is the impact US-led sanctions will have on our daily bread. An ongoing trend of 'de-dollarization' has recently undergone a 'phase shift' thanks to the Western Powers' cack-handed attempts to strangle the Russian economy, which have spurred the world's most resource-rich countries to bypass Western financial domination.

This week on NewsReal, Joe and Niall bust the latest viral nonsense about 'Russian war crimes', explain what exactly 'gas-for-rubles' means under the West's farcical anti-Russia sanctions regime, and cite recent examples of major intra-BRICS trade deals that point to a quickening in the global trend of 'de-dollarization'.

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