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A progressive, Canadian news outlet has stated outright that the Armed Forces should blockade the capital city of Ottawa, "give insurrectionists 24 hours to leave," and force them out of the city under penalty of arrest.

"The first thing that needs to happen," wrote The Tyee's David Climenhaga, "is for the federal government to bring an immediate halt to the insurrection and occupation of Ottawa. That can start with the establishment of a perimeter around the downtown with all supplies of diesel fuel to vehicles inside that ring blocked immediately."

After that, he writes, "Insurrectionists should be given 24 hours to leave the national capital and return to their homes, after which they will be forcibly removed, and their vehicles impounded. Since the police admit they are incapable of doing the job alone, the Armed Forces should be brought in to assist."

Climenhaga is a self-described "trade union communicator" who is advocating for this working class uprising by Canadian truckers who demand autonomy to make their own medical choices be mercilessly squashed.

Here he is talking about how getting to travel with "gentleman" Justin Trudeau makes "going economy class a pleasure."

This comes after the CBC suggested that perhaps military force might be needed to quell the uprising, and others at the network suggested outright that the Russians must be behind it. CBC later reversed that claim. Climenhaga, however, made a similar if more vague assertion, saying that "there are certainly many as-yet-unknown organizers and influencers, not to mention funders and strategists, many of whom are not from Canada or even in Canada."

Comment: Seriously CBC??

Behold the "uprising":

"These foreign participants also need to be identified," Climenhaga wrote. "Only a national government can do that."

Ottawa's police chief Peter Sloly said on Thursday that he did not believe his force had the ability to either evict these protesters from the city or prevent more from coming in over the coming weekend.

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Climenhaga cites the Emergencies Act, which he notes it "not quite up to the job," of 1988, to be "sufficient to resolve this crisis in the immediate term." Once the federal government handles the truckers in this way, "Parliament can meet and vote on the next steps as required by the Emergencies Act when the immediate crisis has been resolved," he writes.

And Climenhaga wants to know who is funding the truckers, who have raised $10 million via a public GoFundMe page. He posits that in addition to foreign actors, provincial governments are likely involved in obstruction and and encouragement.

He also calls for the creation of a National Capitol Region police force which authority would supersede Ottawa's forces. "This crisis makes it clear there is a need for a National Capital Region police force under the jurisdiction of the federal government capable of responding to threats and emergencies in a consistent and coherent way, including not permitting vehicles associated with threats of violence to enter the core of the city," Climenhaga writes.

The working class, truck-driving protesters have gathered in Ottawa, Ontario, gridlocking the city and honking their horns to demand the Trudeau government lift vaccine mandates on their industry. They have been in the city making their case for a week so far, and have stated their intention to stay until such time as Trudeau resigns, or until the vaccine mandates are lifted.

Climenhaga also calls for Trudeau's resignation if he can't get the protesters to leave the city. "If the leaders of the present government cannot bring themselves to respond decisively to this challenge," he writes " — to say, as then-prime minister Pierre Trudeau famously did in October 1970, 'just watch me' — perhaps they should contemplate the elder Trudeau's equally renowned walk in the snow."

The protest, called the Freedom Convoy, has captured the imagination and the hearts of those in North America who yearn for freedom, liberty, and the right to self-determination.