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Oxfam says that the poor have died from vaccine inequality and a lack of access to treatment

Oxfam, a charity confederation, has said that while the wealth of the world's top 10 richest people has doubled during the pandemic, the poor around the globe continue to suffer due to a dearth of vaccines and treatment.

In a report published on Monday, Oxfam claimed that a 99% windfall tax on the pandemic gains of the world's 10 richest men would raise enough money to pay for vaccines for everyone on the planet.
"A 99% one-off windfall tax on the Covid-19 wealth gains of the 10 richest men alone would generate $812bn," the report states, noting these 10 men have six times more money than the poorest 3.1 billion people.
The report, titled 'Inequality kills', claims that the rich have profited from structural and systemic policy choices which are skewed in their favor. Meanwhile, the poor have been directedly harmed by these decisions.
"Millions of people would still be alive today if they had had a vaccine - but they are dead, denied a chance while big pharmaceutical corporations continue to hold monopoly control of these technologies," Oxfam said.

Comment: It is a total nonsense and lie. Milions of people would still be alive if big pharmaceutical corporations would not inject people with experimental and dangerous mRNA vaccines that are far more deadly that the original COVID-19 virus itself.

Even more lives would be saved if these corporations would stop promoting their own twisted version of science and let the real scientists take care of that.

On this we can add more saved lives if the so called "charity "organisations that are "kidnaped" and led by monstrous psychopaths just stop "taking care" of people around the globe.

The charity claims that billionaires have thrived through the pandemic and that fiscal and monetary stimulus measures have contributed to their wealth as the stock market boomed.
"Vaccines were meant to end this pandemic, yet rich governments allowed pharma billionaires and monopolies to cut off the supply to billions of people. The result is that every kind of inequality imaginable risks rising. The predictability of it is sickening. The consequences of it kill," Oxfam International Executive Director Gabriela Bucher said in the report.

Comment: The so called Covid "vaccines" just extended and deepend the people's misery so the PTB could tightened the authoritarian grip over the planet.

It is true that they cut off the supply chain to the people, but not the vaccine supply.
No, everyone can get a dangerous mRNA shot, but not everyone can have a descent basic living conditions, nutritious food and clean water and air.

That inequality is a real problem for a long time, not some imaginary "vaccine inequality."

Oxfam adds that the proportion of those who die from Covid-19 in developing countries is roughly double that in wealthy nations.

The report was released ahead of this week's virtual World Economic Forum meetings, traditionally held in Davos, where leaders will discuss global challenges.