Wendy Rittenhouse

Wendy Rittenhouse
Kyle Rittenhouse, who is currently facing trial for shooting three men, killing two of them, on the night of Aug. 25, 2020, was branded as a "white supremacist" from the beginning by left-wing politicians and personalities.

His trial has done much to back the claims of self-defense that his defense attorneys are arguing, yet Twitter has disabled the retweet function on a tweet by Rittenhouse's mother stating that media had lied about her son and condeming Big Tech's attempts to "crush & deplatform" the young defendant.

"The media & many who know better viciously lied about my son from he start. Tech companies tried to crush & deplatform @freekyleusa over 20x, often w/o explanation," wrote Wendy Rittenhouse.

"We are facing tremendous expenses to help Kyle win this case & could use your help," she continued, linking to a donation page.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene shared a screenshot of the tweet, showing that the share button had been disabled on Twitter.

"Twitter has disabled the RT button on #KyleRittenhouse's mother's tweet telling about extreme censorship," wrote Greene. "Communism in America is real."

"If we don't fit their narrative, the left works together to make us disappear," she continued. "You can't erase us, we out number you. And I won't back down."

Following the high-profile shooting of the three white Black Lives Matter rioters, many left-wing politicians and media personalities were quick to call Rittenhouse a "white supremacist," part of a "militia," and a "mass shooter."

Jamaal Bowman wrote on Twitter that Rittenhouse was part of a militia working in tandem with police, stating that "these militias are domestic terrorists looking to incite a race war. 'Protecting private property' is a cover for their agenda."

Ilhan Omar wrote that "A domestic terrorist executed two people, and according to Tucker and his supporters this is 'maintaining order.' Their murderous rants have inspired many mass shooters and now they aren't even trying to distance themselves from it, they are excusing it. God help us."

President Joe Biden even used a clip of Rittenhouse in a campaign ad, stating that "There's no other way to put it: the President of the United States refused to disavow white supremacists on the debate stage last night."

In an interview with Sean Hannity, Wendy Rittenhouse spoke on those calling her son a white supremacist, saying: "President Biden don't know my son whatsoever. And he's not a white supremacist. He's not a racist. And he did that for the votes. And I was so angry for a while at him and what he did to my son, he defamed him."

Rittenhouse told the Fox News host that she was "scared" that night. She thought her 17-year-old son "was going to die that night" while a gun was pointed at her child and people were poised to kick him.

When asked about the fairness of presiding Judge Bruce Schroeder, Rittenhouse told Hannity that "People that I talked to that lives in Kenosha all their lives. They told me that Judge Schroeder is a very fair judge. And he doesn't allow no nonsense in his courtroom."

She noted that her son, if faced with the same situation that brought him to to Kenosha, "he would probably do it again, because that's the type of person he is. He always wants to help people ever since he was a little boy."