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Despite one of the authors of the report admitting it is designed to "scare" people.
A Swedish politician who suggested that the UN's "code red" climate report was "scare propaganda" was subsequently forced to resign from her political party.

Earlier this week, the United Nations released a hysterical report that enjoyed wall to wall media coverage warning of ecological apocalypse if ordinary people didn't radically change their lifestyles.

Comment: As we've seen with the lockdowns, these Green New Deal-like restrictions will not apply to the rich and famous.

Hundreds of the same individuals who amplified that message are preparing to board fleets of CO2-belching airliners to lecture the rest of us once again at an upcoming climate summit later this year in Scotland.

One woman who dared express a modicum of skepticism was Ingrid Vesterlund of the Centre Party.

In an interview with a local newspaper in Luleå, Vesterlund criticized alarmist media coverage of the IPCC report, commenting, "It's obviously a disaster whether it's sun, rain, wind, wind, sea or water - everything is a catastrophic situation right now."

Comment: She has a point, because any extreme weather these days is used to hystericise the public and push the 'global warming' agenda - which has since been rebranded as the 'climate crisis' because record cold temperatures expose how erroneous the theory is - however it's also true that extreme and unusual weather phenomena is on the rise, it just has nothing to do with CO2 emissions: Volcanoes, Earthquakes And The 3,600 Year Comet Cycle

After party colleagues distanced themselves from Vesterlund's remarks, she immediately offered her resignation, saying that she didn't want to "harm" the party.

Vesterlund even tried to walk back part of her remarks, but was booted from the party anyway.

"That's right. It went wrong and I regret the interview to the extent that it did not appear what I really wanted to get out," she said.

"I do not deny the content of the UN climate report, but wanted to highlight that there are other reports that show a different picture than the one that is usually painted in the media," Vesterlund added.

An added irony to the story is the fact that Jim Kossin, one of the authors of the UN report, openly lauded the fact that people "starting to get scared" in reaction to fearmongering rhetoric was a benefit to the UN's political agenda.

"I think more and more people are starting to get scared," said Kossin, adding, "I think that'll help to change people's attitudes. And hopefully that'll affect the way they vote."

So in other words, Vesterlund was basically booted for agreeing with an actual member of the UN panel that produced the report.