Spain has just experienced a number of its coldest ever days recorded in history.

On Thursday (7 Jan), a record breaking temperature of -35.8C was registered at the Vega de Liordes weather station, situated at an altitude of 1,874 metres in the northwestern province of Leon.

The temperature was confirmed by AEMET weather agency, and just narrowly beat out the record breaking temperature recorded the day before in the eastern Pyrenees.

Record breaking temperatures

On Wednesday (6 Jan), a meteorological station in the Catalan Pyrenees recorded a temperature of -34.1C.

The last time that Spain broke its record for cold weather was on 2 February 1956, when temperatures in the same region dipped to -32C.

Writing on Twitter, meteorologist Sergi Gonzales said: "The cold air from the sides of mountains was pulled down by gravity and accumulated in lower levels."

Heavy snow expected in Spain

Currently, Spain is experiencing Storm Filomena, which could bring heavy snowfalls to the region.

Even altitudes of just 200 metres "in large areas of the interior of the peninsula" could expect snow, AEMET said on Thursday.

Spain's meteorological agency has issued warning for snow storms, heavy rainfall, more freezing temperatures and strong winds.

The storm has already wreaked havoc in the Canary Islands, bringing more than 50 litres of rain per square meter in some areas.