fauci lab leak coverup
© Fox News/Screeshot
New information appears to show the point at which Dr Fauci forced "bat-pangolin-human" narrative.

One thing about truth: It is inexorable. It can be hidden, but it will always appear at some point. At some time, any falsified story is and will be brought to account. That is why lies are harder to maintain.

That being said, it appears that Dr. Fauci, a man educated at a Jesuit institute of higher learning, thought he could somehow beat the game. Maybe he has. After all, he made a cool $5 million on a book deal, even though it appears that the actual book's release is delayed or even canceled. Not bad!

The next piece in the puzzle of COVID-19 origin was revealed yesterday to the media. This clips shows how a doctor and colleague of Dr Fauci's went from noting the presence of bioengineered material in the SARS-CoV-2 virus that escaped from the Wuhan lab in which it was developed. (We are saying this claim without 'allegedly' in confidence that this is actually what happened. It certainly appears more and more that this is precisely what took place. - ASH)

Well, there was a meeting between COVID czar Dr. Anthony Fauci and infectious disease expert Dr. Kristian Anderson and after that... a miracle!

Suddenly the word to the world was that a live animal market featuring the delectable bat was the source of the virus, and the fuzzy story developed further that the virus did not jump directly from a bat to a human, but was passed through a pangolin, an animal probably no one in the West has any real familiarity with (it looks like an armadillo without the carapace).

Then began the maintenance of a narrative that was a lie, and which turned the world upside down for over a year. Russia is reaping the benefit of this now, so to speak, as a new and quite powerful mutation of COVID-19 is currently spiking in Moscow and across Russia. Thankfully, it does not appear to be killing very many people, but it is making a lot of people very sick: one of my students has carried a fever for at least eight days. Not good.
russia covid stats mutation spike
It would seem that while the Wuhan leak was almost certainly an accident, the coverup involved with it as well as the intense politicization surrounding it has been nothing less than demonic in its power and reach to disrupt Western society. It is interesting to consider some further questions, too, such as "why is it that the US took the most deaths from this virus?" Could it have been engineered to go after the kind of people that live in the United States? It certainly does not have much affect on Asians, according to the charts.

One thing about the video report: Lara Logan bluntly says the Americans have dirty hands in the development of this virus. This is excellent and we commend Lara for being so direct.

It may well be, in fact, that the source of the virus is not the only piece of information to have been hidden from public knowledge. After "How?" may come "Why?"

We will have to wait and see.