Comment: When two branches of state forces start going at each other, you know the situation is critical.

french firefighter protest yellow vest
French firefighters have joined the mass anti-government protests raging across the country, with some setting themselves on fire and fighting with riot cops while arguing for a pay raise of 25%.

firefighter protest yellow vest
yellow vest firefighter protest

Fire brigade unions are demanding better pay and conditions and organised the demonstration in the capital's Place de la Republique to bring attention to their cause today.

They want a pay rise of 25% arguing their work is made increasingly difficult due to staff cuts and attacks against them.

Paris police said firefighters who tried to break down or scale fencing near the Nation area of the city were dispersed by water cannon.

Firefighters previously demonstrated in October - marked by clashes with the police - calling for better pay, guarantees of their pension benefits and greater respect for their profession. -

french firefighter protest yellow vest