Extinction Rebellion
© Reuters / Hannah McKay
An Extinction Rebellion activist is seen glued to the windscreen of Liberal Democrats' campaign bus.
Extinction Rebellion (XR) climate change activists dressed up as bees and glued themselves to the Liberal Democrats' election bus - which happens to be electric - leading to ridicule and a flurry of bee-based puns on Twitter.

Some of XR's activists were seen targeting the party's 'battle bus' on Friday in Streatham, south London. They prevented the vehicle from moving by supergluing their hands to the windscreen while donning colorful bee costumes, in protest over the Lib Dems' carbon neutral target of 2045, insisting it needs to be 2025.

The environmental activists' latest stunt has provoked a mixture of bewilderment and anger on social media, with even supporters of their cause left frustrated at why they would target an electric mode of transport - yet again.

Kevin Magure, the Daily Mirror's associate editor, branded it "the funniest own goal since disrupting public transport," and sarcastically asked his Twitter followers: "Anyone know of a vegan cafe they could shut because it uses gas for cooking?"

Another person joked that it looks like electric vehicles are banned now so "I guess we are all f***** walking from now on!!"

Elsewhere online, some people couldn't help but be inspired by the 'bee theme' climate change protesters incorporated into their latest stunt, to tweet some cracking puns, such as "Surely they swarmed the buzz? "Also, "If I were you, I'd be pollen his hand off," to which someone cheekily replied: "What a beezarre joke."

XR staged mass demonstrations and a number of controversial stunts in London during April and October this year. In total, around 3,000 protesters were arrested.

The group's Autumn protests caused major travel disruptions. Public opinion towards the group soured when members staged at a London Tube station, climbing on top of train carriages until angry commuters pulled them back down to the ground to allow services to resume.