The calf could move both its heads independently
© CENThe calf could move both its heads independently
A poor calf born with two heads has been filmed lying on the ground next to its mother moments after being born.

The deformed cow, born at the Los Chimagons Farm near the town of Hilario Ascasubi in the eastern Argentine province of Buenos Aires, is able to move both its heads and can breathe through them as well in the clip.

But tragically, the creature died just 12 hours after birth.

Fernando Dumrauf, the farmer who discovered the animal, said its mum was unable to breastfeed it because "half of the body answered to one head while the other half responded to the other".

"I was told it was one of the world's most unique cases because the calf lived for 10 to 12 hours and they normally die within a few minutes of being born," he added.

Fernando, 76, said it was "incredible" when he went to check on the mum and first saw the two-headed calf on the ground.

The deformed calf was a mix of Aberdeen Angus and Polled Hereford cattle breeds.

According to local media, a veterinarian and members of the rural association Villarino Sur visited the farm to inspect the calf.

Dumrauf said: "They told me it was a significant case and unusual for it to have lived for so long.

"They told me to take the calf to the freezer to preserve it as the authorities may want to study it."

It is unclear if the authorities are analysing the incident.

And it is not the first time bizarre-looking creatures have been caught on camera.

This week, a fisherman was stunned to discover his catch had two mouths.