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During her service in the military, Gabbard served first in Iraq and later in Kuwait. While in Kuwait, she became the first woman to ever receive an award of appreciation from the Kuwaiti military.
Presidential aspirant Elizabeth Warren wants you to know that she is very, very relatable. Warren, along with many other 2020 candidates, was sure to share photos of her eating corn dogs and other food with common folk at the Iowa State Fair.

Meanwhile, Kamala Harris just wished Muslims a happy holiday within hours of tweeting a video of her chomping down on a pork chop. The California Democrat was too busy pandering to notice the irony.

Add this to Cory Booker and Beto O'Rourke's cringe-worthy attempts to speak Spanish on the debate stage, and it's just another reminder that most 2020 Democrats are desperately trying to come across as relatable and in-touch — but coming up empty.

Meanwhile, their iconoclastic opponent Tulsi Gabbard is actively serving our country. Gabbard is the only combat veteran running for president, with a long and meritorious record of military service. She deployed to Iraq after 9/11, and continues to serve in the Army National Guard reserve. When Gabbard's continued service is viewed in light of the efforts of her competitors, they look meek and inauthentic in comparison.
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Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii), a captain in the Army National Guard, was promoted to major on Monday at a ceremony in Hawaii, October 12, 2015.
Now, Gabbard is deployed for two weeks to Indonesia, where she'll participate in joint military exercises with the Indonesian military, according to Townhall. Even in the midst of an ultra-competitive, break-neck presidential race which she is not exactly winning, Gabbard is putting her country before her political aspirations.

Fox News' Paul Steinhauser asked Gabbard how much this deployment will "set back her campaign," and her response was short and sincere: "I'm not thinking about the politics of it."

It's not hard to believe her. Throughout this campaign, no matter what you think of her policies and platform, Gabbard has demonstrated that she is willing to reach across the aisle, and stay above identity politics and ad hominem attacks. Far-left politics aside, she embodies a sincerity rarely found in elected politicians.

And for someone so often maligned as unpatriotic or treasonous, due to her controversial anti-war views and questionable diplomatic decision to speak well of Bashar Assad, Gabbard's continued record of service speaks volumes to the true nature of her character.