Russian S-400 missile system
© AFP PHOTO / Russian Defence Ministry
Russia's S-400 air defence missile systems in Syria
The Kremlin says it has no intention of interfering in how Turkey and the US work to settle their dispute over Ankara's purchase of Russia's S-400 defense systems. Earlier, Ankara said it's committed to the deal.

"Turkey does not have to notify [Russia about the creation of a working group], this is none of our business," the Russian president's spokesperson, Dmitry Peskov, told journalists on Tuesday.

Instead, what Moscow is focused on is "to complete the S-400 deal" with Turkey, "which is currently underway."

Washington has been persistently bullying Ankara into dropping the purchase. It has halted the delivery of American F-35 fighter jets to Turkey and even threatened to completely kick its major NATO ally out of the fighter project.

The White House also tried to persuade Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan into buying its Patriot missile systems. On Tuesday, Erdogan said so far the US failed to provide an offer "as good" as Moscow did with its arms.