Dogs tortured, killed in Vermot
Police have issued a warning to pet owners in Franklin County after multiple dogs have been found tortured and killed.

Sheldon Animal Control Officer Nicole Michel said she has been called to six incidents since the beginning of May.

"I really have no words for someone who could do something so heartless, so cruel," she said. "Dogs are our family."

According to Michel, some of the animals were found abandoned on the side of the road, suffocated with a plastic bag over their face. Another was found fatally shot and tied to a tree along a popular trail.

She said there have been reports of someone in a silver sedan and gold SUV trying to lure dogs into their vehicle from neighborhoods around Franklin County.

"We add dogs to our family, we use them for protection, we should be able to let them run around our property, their home. We can't do that anymore."

The Franklin County Humane Society is offering a $500 reward for any information leading to the arrest of those responsible.

"You hear these cases of abuse and cruelty around Franklin County and everywhere and it's so tragic when it happens," said Humane Society board member Karen Mitchell.

Vermont State Police are investigating the killings.

Anyone with information is urged to contact State Police investigators at 802-524-5993.