sinkhole Indonesia

A giant sinkhole opened in rice fields in Indonesia, terrifying residents.
Residents of Kampong Sukabumi, Indonesia, were left terrified after discovering a huge 16 meters by 12 meters sinkhole in rice fields just 10 meters from their homes. Like during an earthquake, the huge crater collapsed in a loud noise and rumblings were felt several hundred meters away.

A very deep (12 meters) and large (16 meters length) sinkhole appeared suddenly in a loud boom, just 10 meters of resident homes, on Sunday, April 28, 2019, devouring a nice big part of a rice field.

This new crater opened just 4 meters away from another deep (10 meters) and large (6 meters) hole that opened up on September 6, 2018.

Residents report hearing a loud roar, followed by a bang at around 4 am local time. They report it was like during an earthquake. Rattlings were felt over hundreds of meters from the sinkhole 'epicenter.'

Terrified local residents first thought the 2018's hole was widening, but then reported the new and larger hole just meters away.

Many residents living around the deep sinkhole immediately lost power.

It must be terrifying to live in such a place where you know that the ground is so unstable that you can be buried anytime.