Huge sinkhole opens up in farmers field in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

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RIA Novosti reports a sinkhole measuring 32 metres wide and 50 metres deep appeared in a farmers field in Shatkovsky, Nizhny Novgoro, Russia. It was also stated that no houses are located nearby, with the nearest settlement 2 kilometres away, that the area has been fenced off and the sinkhole is being monitored.

While information in English is scarce at this early time, one report speculates the cause could be due to to water erosion of the soil or rock below.

It remains to be seen what the true cause of this particular sinkhole is but a hole of this size is not normal and to attribute its appearance solely to water erosion is most likely misleading. Because with volcanoes, earthquakes, sinkholes, fissures, landslides and a variety of other unusual and major earth movement phenomena on the increase, it would seem there are other factors at play not yet being considered.

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Drone video of the sinkhole:

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