HClinton, JKushner
© AP/Richard Drew
Hillary Clinton • Senior Advisor Jared Kushner • TIME 100 Summit 2019
Hillary Clinton said Tuesday she believes Donald Trump would have been indicted in Special Counsel Robert Mueller's probe if he weren't president, though stopped short of calling for his impeachment.

Clinton, the Democratic nominee for president in 2016, argued during a Q&A session in New York that Mueller's report "could not be clearer" in making the case Trump tried to obstruct the Russia investigation -- even though Mueller did not come to an explicit conclusion on that question.

"I think there's enough there that any other person who had engaged in those acts would certainly have been indicted," Clinton said at the "Time 100 Summit." "But because of the rule in the Justice Department that you can't indict a sitting president, the whole matter of obstruction was very directly sent to the Congress."

Clinton, who was defeated by Trump in the election, said it's too early to call for Trump's impeachment. She said she supports Congress investigating Mueller's findings "based on evidence" and without a "preordained conclusion."

After a thorough examination in Congress, Clinton said:
"If at that point they believe high crimes and misdemeanors have been committed, then I think it is the obligation of the Congress to put forward articles of impeachment. I'm really of the mind that the Mueller report is part of the beginning. It's not the end."
Earlier Tuesday, senior White House adviser Jared Kushner ripped into the Russia investigations, saying the probes have been "way more harmful" than Russia's election meddling.

The comments were made in the wake of Mueller's report saying investigators found no evidence the Trump campaign illegally conspired with Russia in election meddling. Kushner said:
"When you look at what Russia did, buying some Facebook ads and trying to sow dissent, it's a terrible thing. But I think the investigations and all of the speculation that's happened for the last two years has a much harsher impact on our democracy than a couple Facebook ads."