Mike Ness (left) of Social Distortion.
Mike Ness (left) of Social Distortion.
Dramatic video footage has captured the moment the lead singer of the punk rock band 'Social Distortion' allegedly attacked a supporter of US President Donald Trump during a live performance.

Local man Tim Hildebrand says the violent confrontation took place after frontman Mike Ness started bad-mouthing Trump at a concert in the Ace of Spades music venue in Sacramento, California.

The Republican took umbrage with the singer's political remarks and he made his feelings known with an insulting hand gesture. "I stood pretty much with my silent protest with my middle finger up for the next two songs," Hildebrand told CBS.

That act inflamed the situation further and before long Ness and Hildebrand allegedly came to blows. Video footage from the scene shows the singer remonstrating with Hildebrand from the stage before removing his guitar and launching himself into the crowd to confront the farmer.

Hildebrand says he was left with two black eyes, a busted lip and a concussion after the fight. "I wasn't able to defend myself because people in the crowd were holding me back," he said.

He was then removed from the venue by security officers. When outside he reported the confrontation to Sacramento police, which confirmed that it is investigating the incident.

"Someone that has the status that he does shouldn't get away with assaulting someone," Hildebrand added. "If he wants to have a talk someday, man to man, I would love that but he would have to not be a child about it."