Steve Hughes
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Steve Hughes is a stand-up comedian who has consistently had his finger on the pulse for years, especially when it comes to 'political correctness'. In the following video uploaded by Bull Brand, Hughes gives his take on the madness of the 'radical left':

There's certain things that I completely still hold true. I did anti-PC material years ago and everyone thought I was a conspiracy theorist. And I was going, "No, no, no... This is like intellectual colonialism, man; they can bend this into 'thought-crime'. They can bend this so that they break down all functions of society, turn all society into this kind of subjective, postmodernist sort of soup where no one's allowed to say anything because somebody gets offended, which leads into this..."

And it's happening! And I told them ten years ago and did comedy about it. And everybody goes, "Steve's a bit nuts." Well, you're all watching it now, aren't you? You're watching these 20yr old SJWs who have come of age - the 'harvest from the children of the damned' as I call them. They've all come through school, governed by political correctness, pumped full of Ritalin. And now they're all running around with green hair and Dr. Martens and neck tattoos, thinking that they're non-conformist while they're wasting their youth trying to be activists for groups they've never even met; who they didn't ask to be the spokespeople for these apparent minorities who are oppressed by... Well, EVERYONE's a minority to these people except white, straight men, because they live under a colonialist, patriarchal, Christian pedophile system that just oppressed everyone in the world, and so white, cisgendered males, as they now call us, should all just shut up while everybody else who's a minority gets brought up into this form of 'equality' based around collectivism and no one ever being offended again.

Excuse me, you people are insane. This isn't going to work. What are you talking about?! Your utopia of some kind of a global equality is a delusion. What are you talking about?! It's not possible. What are you talking about? Political correctness is such a trick. Because, you really can't argue with its points.

In one sense, I just grew up a 'metal-head' and then a comedian, so I've never really had a specific, political side: I'm not Left and I'm not Right. But through just the way I've thought most of my life, which is the way usually a lot of my creative friends and creative people do, we've just grown up without thinking about being attached to a specific political group.

We've basically BEEN Lefties. I've never been racist; I don't care if you're gay; I don't care if you're a bloke and you want to wear a dress; I don't care if two blokes want to get married.

We've travelled. I've been in 38 countries. So you sit there watching some 20yr old on YouTube talking to you like, "And this is how you're supposed to behave, everybody!"

Haha haha! How old are you?!

When I was young and I knew girls with green hair and Dr. Martens and tattoos, they were at metal or punk gigs, and they were cool. Now when I see a young girl with green hair and Dr. Martens, I'm like, "Get that f*****g thing away from me! Don't look at it. It'll scream "rape!". Don't look at it, don't touch it, don't go near it. It'll call you some kind of 'ism' or a 'phobe'. It'll stand on its moral high ground thinking that it can direct everybody to this illusory utopia where no one ever gets offended again."

Because, that seems to be what they want, isn't it? Where no one ever gets offended, there's no discrimination, everyone gets fair chances, everyone has enough to eat. Now, of course, those are ideas that... Who could argue against that? Who really wouldn't want that, unless you're a psychopath? It would be a wonderful world to think that everyone had enough to eat and you could always get the kind of job that you wanted; that you weren't looked upon, you weren't discriminated against; people didn't didn't attack you, people didn't...

Basically, they're asking for a world without pain. Can you have a world without pain? No. No, you can't.

So it's an illusion that you're going to create this. So there's going to be some pain in your life. And guess what: the strongest and coolest and some of the most deepest spiritual thinkers in all of our history have told you how pain can make you better - make you a better person.

When we grew up, it was like, the kids who got picked on at school... of course it can be dangerous if kids get bullied at school, because people have different genetics, people have different experiences at home, they have different psychologies in how they interpret the things that go on and that happen to them. So of course you can get some kids that go a bit nuts or perhaps, at the worse scenario, kill themselves. But that's not going to be fixed by you then giving every kid in school a trophy because he played soccer. You know, they do that now: you get a trophy to compete. You don't it because you win - you get it because you had a go.

But that doesn't do anything. What does that do? That cuts down any kind of entrepreneurial spirit, any kind of... Well, of course there are some kids that are better at sports at school! I couldn't play sport. I ran, I've got six foot-long legs, I look like a giraffe on ice, and everybody laughed!

Then there's also the level of self-responsibility. The whole world has not conspired against Steve Hughes to make him have his issues. So, I've got my issues; so now I have to find a way to f*****g deal with them. There's a level of self-responsibility that you have to take.

You see, when people go, "I'm offended"... I've never been offended in my life! I don't know what they're talking about! I can be disgusted: if you see four men standing around, kicking a dog, that's wrong. It's wrong, but I'm not 'offended'. It's a different thing. Someone could come up to me and go, "You're a big, gay, skinny, no-arsed bastard"; I might feel bad, but it's what's happening in ME; there's a part of me that feels bad, because if I didn't care that I was a long, skinny, no-arsed bastard, and they said that, then it wouldn't affect me.

So if it does affect me, then there's something happening in me, and the thing that's happening in me is my responsibility. And if I can deal with that pain that's happening in me - that's making me feel upset or humiliated about this - then perhaps I can become... like, a GOD. Because, everyone's got their shit to deal with.

Now, of course, some people are getting a worse ride than others on the planet. But you can't run around just going, "What's our first move for this utopia? Well, no one's to get offended ever again!" That's not even a tactic because it's an impossible... It's not going to happen!

It seems to me, I just go outside sometimes during the day, to the shops and stuff, and I just see men and women and kids doing some shopping. And there's some Indian people and some black fellas, and some whites and some Chinese guys, and everyone's just going to the bank or doing some shopping. But for some reason, these people will go outside and see Nazis and bigots... Where are they going?! I just went to the shops and bought some almonds from the chick at the organic store. I called her darling; she didn't say anything, she didn't spaz-out, right?

So they offend themselves, you know? They offend themselves. But I think we're seeing a harvest now. Because, I haven't been to school for like, 30yrs. So when we grew up in Australia, they hit you with a cane. You'd get a bamboo stick. You muck up, then they just hit you across the hand six times or across the back of your legs six times. And if you were the fat kid that couldn't kick a ball, then everybody laughed at you. And you were the skinny kid like me that couldn't kick a ball, then they laughed at you; and you dealt with that shit.

But now, these kids have been to school with this PC stuff coming in and they're teaching five year olds about homosexual rights and transgender rights and plus, saying, "You're a bit mental, so have some Ritalin. We know you brain doesn't stop developing until you're 24, but you're sick, so I think it's time for some hardcore psychiatric drugs, don't you?"

So, yeah. So, I'll gladly be called a conspiracy theorist. I don't care, because a lot of the things conspiracy theorists are talking about are happening in front of your very eyes, and if you can't see it, then...

(Questioner: Like what?)

Like what?! The whole meltdown of your society through something like this - through political correctness. Conspiracy people have been talking about this for ages; talking about it for AGES.

Don't you see what they're doing? They're deconstructing... The West seems to be deconstructing itself. It seems to me that Social Justice Warriors as they called - 'Warriors', funny, when we grew up, warriors, especially back a couple of hundred years ago, a 'Warrior' was someone who had to have reached a certain age of 16 or 18 at manhood, and then got hung up by his nipples from hooks for three days and wasn't allowed to eat, and then got sent into the desert for 40 nights to just eat scorpions. And then when he came back, if he wasn't dead, he was a man.

And now, you're a 'Warrior' because you've got green hair and you sit behind a keyboard getting offended at everything. I'm thinking, well let's hope the next time people come to attack our society, we're lucky we've got our 'Warriors' to defend us! Haha! You're warriors?!

So it seems to me that's what's happening to them, these Social Justice Warriors, well they seem to hate capitalism. They're all anti-capitalist, they hate capitalism, right? Ironically, of course, they hate capitalism while they'll gladly reap the rewards of its oppression as they sit there on their iphones in Starbucks waiting to get their cheap flight to the anti-capitalist march.

Okay, so you hate capitalism.

Now, is capitalism a system that is exploitative, that's created pain and misery and stolen things from certain cultures? Yes. Yes, it is. Why? Because it's a system made by human beings. And sometimes when systems are made by human beings, arseholes get in charge of it and run amok and f**k things around for their own ends, like all systems that people have ever run!

Has there ever been this Utopian Garden of Eden they talk about on the Earth in all of history? No. So, what are you going to replace this capitalism with? Well, they run around with their Che Guevara shirts and their hammer and sickles thinking, "Well, just wack a bit of Communism in there. That should sort it out."

Right, okay. Should we go and dig up the hundred million dead bodies in Russia and China and ask them how that all panned out? I mean, sure, equality looks tops 'on paper': "Look, everyone gets the same as everybody else." Well, who's going to dish this out? You're still going to have to have a hierarchy to dish it out. You're going to trust them to do it? Well, okay. Whatever. It doesn't pan out, this equal distribution of wealth, because someone's got to be in charge of it, and when people get in charge of things, they get into positions of power. And it's quite difficult to run a whole country; you have to end up being a bit of an arsehole to do it. So of course there's shit things about Capitalism. But at the moment, that's what you've got. "Oh, well, shouldn't we fight against it?" Well perhaps you should, but your tactics aren't going to work.

And they hate religion, as long as it's Christianity. Because they can't talk about Jews because they don't know what they think, anyway, and they're off-limits. And then, they've got to support the Muslims, because Muslims, in their multicultural countries - which are "so racist", even though they're the only multicultural countries on Earth - they're in the 'minority' bracket - all 1.8 billion of them. And because most Muslims aren't white, they must be 'oppressed'.

This is how they seem to think. So, in fact, everyone's oppressed, except white, heterosexual men, who are part of the Patriarchy, which are part of Western expansionism, and run the corporations. So, "we've got to destroy all of this", right? What they're going to replace it with, I don't know... Their Che Guevara shirts, right?!

Alright. So here seems to be their thing. So what they're, like, doing now is... To me, they're like a cancer. They hate themselves, because as long as people are running around freaking out about it, taking on the moral high ground and becoming the voices of the oppressed - no one asked them; I can't remember the oppressed coming up and asking them to speak on their behalf, but apparently, they've taken this role - so now, what they're really doing is that they hate themselves - they hate their own culture - because they are Capitalist white people in a colonialist country. But they want that destroyed.

So what they want to do is that they want to kill the 'host'. They're like a cancer. The irony of cancer is that it kills the very thing that keeps it alive - which is you. So that's what they're like; they are. They're like a cancer.

I support Milo Yiannopoulos when he walked on stage and just went, "Here's my speech: Feminism is cancer. Thank you.", and walked off. And he's right. He's right in a literal sense.

I've been a Leftie all my life, and now I'm starting to listen to right-wing Conservatives and realising I'm on their side, COMPLETELY, because I can't stand these PC people because they're out of control. Well, I'm not any kind of right-wing, racist lunatic, "black people shouldn't have kids" kind of lunatic. But in this sphere of argument about political correctness, free speech, yes, because (the Right) are making more sense now.

You Lefties are out of control. You're absolutely out of control. You make no sense. You're not even rational. Because, you think you've got the moral high ground, because you think you're trying to create this illusionary utopia for everybody so anybody who disagrees with you you just call a racist, a bigot, a sexist, a homophobe, a misogynist, a Nazi; oh, yeah, Nazis! Oh, they're so popular now. They're just everywhere. In fact, one day I wrote up my own sort of pyramid of the arsenal of accusations they have. I think it goes: 'Nazi' - that's the king, then you have 'racist', 'fascist'; then you get 'sexist', 'misogynist', 'ableist'; then you get 'xenophobe', 'transphobe', 'Islamophobe', 'homophobe'. And then you get your 'bigots', your 'fat-shamers', your 'Christians', your 'conspiracy theorists', and 'hate speech'. And underneath there is just the rest of the mainstream, ignorant MASS, who need to conform to the moral high ground of the Left. And my joke was that if you think of that pyramid, once you've hit 'Nazi' status, you really can't go beyond Nazi status. That's the king of them.

This is a complex thing.I'm just one bloke on the Earth that likes heavy metal and does comedy, so I don't have the answers. I wasn't in the secret, New World Order war room. But I've done 20 years of research down different avenues, and I just sit there and go, "Well, it's happening!"

I wrote a joke the other day. There's a feminist in Australia called Clementine Ford who's brutal, alright; brutal. Who's just out there and she can say whatever she wants and she does this and she does that. She's totally, "F**k men" and "F**k this" and "F**k men", and you can see it everywhere. "F**k men". And it's happening; feminists are everywhere. "Men haven't done anything for us. What have men ever f*****g done?"

I don't know... BUILT THE WORLD?

So this Clementine Ford, right. I wrote on Facbook, wrote her name: Capital C, little l, then wrote M. E. N., because obviously, her name has the word 'men' in it. Right, I put that in capitals, typed in 'Ford', and wrote, "God, she must hate that!" Right?

She's a full-on, feminist activist; hardcore; she's a public figure. PUBLIC FIGURE, right? so she's open to ridicule, like I AM if I want to go up there. As soon as you put anything out into public forum, you're open to ridicule. If you record an album and put it out, you can't say, "You can't review it." It's out there now. There's a part of it that's not yours anymore. It's in the public domain.

So if you want to stand around and preach and carry on, then you're OPEN to ridicule. That's the way it goes. Not everybody likes my comedy and if they went and they were reviewing it, they'd tell me. I can't ring them up and go, "You can't say that." No, they don't like it, right?

So I just wrote this joke. And it's not even a real good joke, it's just a crap pun. That was three days ago.

It hasn't stopped!

It's just seven words! Just a crap pun joke.

And you see, I watch them and I see what happens. And I do that because I want to draw them out, and I want to draw them out because you can't argue with these people. You can't argue with these people because they're operating in this kind of - I mean I didn't work this out: smarter men than me have taught me - it seems to be this kind of postmodernist, subjective, neo-progressive Marxist idea where there's no objective truth, so everything's just got to be some subjective, whatever YOU think, is how it should be, and that should be respected.

It's like transgenderism. Like we've got 30 or 40 different genders have we, now? So you want to be a demi-gender-bi-cross-binary-non- gender-fluid-half-man-half-woman; and that you need to respect that.

Well, no. I don't. Because most people aren't. So what do you want us to do? Instead of just going, "Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Flight 159, we'll be taking off... ", you want us to go, "Ladies and Gentlemen, and non-genders, and non-binaries, and gender-fluids, and homosexuals, and hermaphrodites, and transvestites, and gender-fluid men who sometimes think they're women...", so that you open it up to everybody... that's why it's never ending. You just go on into infinitum. Because you can never satisfy these people. And you never satisfy them because they're not defending anything.

The Right are defending something, because the Right are like traditionalists. That's what a conservative is. In my simplistic understanding of the way these two dynamics would work. I'm not an intellectual and I don't understand the complexities of politics, but it seems to me that your conservatives, they like traditions, don't they: borders, traditions, things that hold the society into a kind of framework of how it operates; the things that it keeps on the fringe so that it operates for the majority in the best way it can see, right?

So if you want to be in the West, if you want to be a Satanist, you can. But really, we're not just going to let you come in and just have the same amount of air-time on T.V. as everybody else, right? Because it doesn't really work for our society.

But once you create this kind of, "Everything needs to be respected", EVERYTHING? and RESPECTED? Why should it be respected? You have to EARN respect. I don't just respect you, right? I respect the drummer in (the rock group) 'Rush'. Why? Because he's amazing; he wrote all the lyrics; he rode his bike across Africa, wrote a book about it; his wife and daughter passed away in one year, he wrote a book about that, went on the road, dealt with that; he's a quiet, humble guy who the last thing that would ever cross his mind would he demand my respect. He gets it because his body of work and the man that I think that he is from his work and the interviews that I've seen. So yeah, I respect that guy.

But you can't just walk up to me and go, "Respect me!" I don't even KNOW you.

"Well I'm a cross-non-binary-unicorn! And that's how I define myself."

And now, the people who can't deal with this because it makes no sense, because it's not operating in any kind of framework, we're all so wasting our energy continually talking about it with each other, going, "What's wrong with these people?!"

So then I go, well there's got to be an agenda going on. Why? Because it seems to be happening in most Western countries. So why is it happening in most Western countries? Surely someone set it up. Because, why? Did everyone just agree? From Finland, to the Netherlands, to Australia, to New Zealand, to Canada, to the United States, to Spain, to Romania, to Poland, to Hungary, to Norway, to Sweden... Because it's happening all around these countries. What, they all just agreed?

It's like 'no smoking' around all the Western world, now. Why? Did they all just agree? Yeah, but HOW? Most people can't even agree what film to go and see. How did all these nations in different parts of the world just happen to go, "Yeah, that's a good idea." The government doesn't give a f**k about whether you drop dead, they're selling you the cigarettes! Drug dealers don't care if you die if they sell you heroin.

You see, banning smoking is a great way... Of course, it seems all the non-smokers are happy, and the people that want to give up cigarettes are happy, because yeah, okay, we've done reports, and it kills you. But that's a great way to take away a small freedom, initially that seems like a noble idea.

You see, what the West had, which other countries didn't have, or at least, what the West had, right - I don't know what other countries had, I haven't been to them. But in the West, didn't we, at some point, make the idea that the state can't tell you how to live your life? So if you want to smoke yourself to death, then that's your right. You've handed your responsibility back to the state.Which, didn't the West fight for hundreds of years to not have that happen? So that if you want to eat yourself to death with pork fat and chips, and smoke cigarettes and drink whiskey, and you die at 43, that's your right! If you want to be a dumb, fat, die-at-42 guy, you can!

These people are wrecking our society. They're wrecking it. They don't want fun anymore. Fun is fun. Jokes are jokes. You can take the piss.

So, the other day, what happened with the thing about Clementine Ford, some girl's going, "I used to like you and your comedy. I even met you once, which was a great thing for me. And now you make jokes about this, and about different genders and stuff. Why do you all attack these soft targets? Who's next? Aboriginals? Or LGBTQ people? Or women? Why don't you just attack women!?"

Well, why are women soft targets? I thought you were strong, independent women? Isn't that your promotion of feminism - you're strong and independent women, there's no difference between men and women, biological determinism is a myth. I thought you were strong and independent?

Oh! You draw the line at puns and comedy? And we're soft targets? I thought you said you weren't soft? I thought you said men and women were the same?