''Gustnado' touches down in Stall in Mölltal, Austria
© YouTube/Peter Maier (screen capture)
A rare tornado or 'gustnado' touches down in Stall in Mölltal, Austria
A rare tornado touched down in Stall in Mölltal (district Spittal an der Drau), Carinthia, Austria on Wednesday, 17 January, stirring up snow in the Mölltal valley of this mountainous area. A rare 'snownado' was filmed in Poland recently, as well as in Canada and Scotland.

According to the Central Institute for Meteorology and Geodynamics (ZAMG), the weather phenomenon (captured on video by Peter Maier), is either an F0 tornado (weakest class) or a so-called "Gustnado", a turbulence caused by a strong gust of wind. The Netherlands and other parts of Europe have been battered by very strong winds this week.

ZAMG meteorologist Gerhard Hohenwarter said this is a "rare and extremely exciting" weather event. Less than two weeks ago another rare tornado ripped through two towns in the French Pyrenees causing significant damage.

Some other rare tornadoes have formed around the planet in recent times including countries such as Turkey, Netherlands, Mexico, United States, Russia and China.

Study: Tornado outbreaks are increasing - but scientists don't understand why. A coauthor of this paper states "What's pushing this rise in extreme outbreaks is far from obvious in the present state of climate science."

Recently other climate scientists were saying hurricane Harvey "should serve as a warning", as they continue to push the man-made climate change/global warming lie. They are not considering the importance of atmospheric dust loading and the winning Electric Universe model in their research. Such information and much more, are explained in the book Earth Changes and the Human Cosmic Connection by Pierre Lescaudron and Laura Knight-Jadczyk.
The accumulation of cometary dust in the Earth's atmosphere plays an important role in the increase of tornadoes, cyclones, hurricanes and their associated rainfalls, snowfalls and lightning. To understand this mechanism we must first take into account the electric nature of hurricanes, tornadoes and cyclones, which are actually manifestations of the same electric phenomenon at different scales or levels of power.
Increasing cometary and volcanic dust loading of the atmosphere (one indicator is the intensification of noctilucent clouds we are witnessing) is accentuating electric charge build-up, whereby we can expect to observe more extreme weather and planetary upheaval as well as awesome light shows and other related mysterious phenomena.