NASA is blowing more 'meteor-smoke' in our eyes regarding the year's first (northern hemisphere) appearances of noctilucent clouds (NLCs) on May 24th. NASA outlet claims:
Seeded by meteor smoke and boosted by the climate-change gas methane, noctilucent clouds have been spreading beyond the Arctic.
© Noel BlaneyJune 6th, 2014: Electric-blue NLCs over Bangor, Northern Ireland
Rising methane from below, the alleged exclusive result of human industrial activity, is NOT responsible for noctilucent clouds. Increasing atmospheric methane levels are primarily due to methane being released from deep under the oceans.

Increased NLCs are a 'canary in a coal mine' alright, but not in the way Official Science would have us believe.

Magnificent and mesmerizing, noctilucent clouds (also called polar mesospheric clouds), were once considered rare. But now they are puzzling scientists with their recent dramatic changes. Apparently, the clouds are growing brighter, are seen more frequently, are visible at ever lower latitudes and are even appearing during the day. If scientists were allowed to conduct honest interdisciplinary research, such changes wouldn't be a mystery.

They would be able to figure out that increased electrically-charged comet dust load in the upper atmosphere is generating 'electrical drag' on the planet as it moves through space, causing Earth's rotation to slow marginally. The slowing of the rotation is reducing the magnetic field, opening Earth to more dangerous cosmic radiation and stimulating more volcanism. The volcanism under the sea is heating the sea water, which is heating the lower atmosphere and loading it with moisture.

The moisture hits the cooler upper atmosphere and contributes to a deadly mix that inevitably leads to an Ice Age, preceded for a short period by a rapid increase of greenhouse gases and "hot pockets" in the lower atmosphere, resulting in the heavy rains, hail, snow, and floods we've been seeing increase of late.

© Lance TaylorJune 6, 2014: NLCs over Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
For an explanation of this phenomenon, and its place within the plethora of other unusual phenomena being observed within, on, and above the planet, see Pierre Lescaudron's book, Earth Changes and the Human-Cosmic Connection, published by Red Pill Press.

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